Thursday, October 15, 2009

What does your To-Do list look like this week?

Here's mine. Well, only about a third of it. Only the oh-so-important things actually make it on my hand. How ridiculous does this look? I usually have a letter or two on my hand at all times to remind me to call a friend or take my dirty clothes to the cleaners, but this is just down right pathetic.

For the past couple of days I've been careful not scrub my hands too hard when I wash them. Heaven forbid I wash my To-Do list off! All of the germs in Manhattan just might be located on my left hand, but as long as I've got my list, I'm good to GO. (Logan, I can just see you squirming now as you read this).

Now that my schedule is getting quite a bit busier, it's more important than ever for me to be organized. I've always considered myself a fairly organized person. Not OCD organized, but I always have a million different lists written on a Memo Pad, my fridge, hand. And it usually gets done. I suppose I'm an organized mess. If that makes sense?

I don't know how much longer this is going to cut it, though. What I REALLY need is a Blackberry. (Do you know how hard it is trying to keep up with Twitter without one? I suck at "tweeting"). I can't afford one yet, but I will have one someday. I've always said that I absolutely will not get a Blackberry until I realllly need one. We'll see what happens when that day comes!

What about you: Are you organized? What does your To-Do lists typically look like?


  1. Your hand looks like a scrabble rack!

  2. OMG...please invest in some post-its stat!!!

  3. My desk is COVERED in post-its. My boss used to make fun of me for color coding them :) Also, I adore the stickies on my mac- how convenient and eco-friendly!

  4. Our antediluvian calendar system at work is down and will be down for the next few days, so my "to-do" list is somewhere in cyber space with all of my deadlines and meetings and flight times (well, those are accessible via delta, but still). Legal Malpractice Much? This is the only downfall to relying on technology for your to-do list. Stick with the memo pads and hand lists, even when you get a blackberry. You won't regret it.


  5. My hand DOES look like Scrabble!! You'll be glad to know that I completed everything on the list, so I washed it off last night! ha

    And Shannon, I don't even know what a antediluvian calendar IS. I'm going to Google that right now :) Yes, I agree, sometimes simplicity is the way to go...

  6. WHOA, just looked it up...had a total Jessica Simpson moment right there! Umm, can we chalk it up to lack of sleep this week?