Friday, October 9, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Wedding Edition in Charleston, SC

So now that Becca has tied the knot, three out of four of my best friends are married (Leah, don't go off and get eloped in Vegas, you crazy girl!) The other weekend I went to Charleston, SC to be a bridesmaid in Becca and Ryan's wedding. I had a blast!!!

It was impressive how Becca did several things to cut down on cost, but she definitely did not sacrifice the quality—everything was beautiful! One unique thing she did was send her Save The Date via email. It was really pretty. I think initially she was worried some people wouldn't receive it, or that some didn't have email, but she didn't end up having any problems! Another way she saved was having Liza do her makeup. Liza's done makeup for several friends on their wedding day, so she's just as good as the pros!

Here I am walking down the aisle. These two fine fellows on my arms are Charles and Charlie. They were really nervous--it was funny (although they had already busted into the booze, so I'm not really sure why?). Their nerves had a domino effect because then I started getting really nervous, too. Thanks, guys!

Here is the beautiful bride with her bridal party. You don't have to tell me, we look hot. Sidenote: The outdoor ceremony and reception was held at I'On in Mt. Pleasant. It was amaaazing. Becca said that was where a lot of the money was spent. I'd say it was worth it! (Oh, another money-saving tip: Becca ordered her dress from J.Crew. It was so pretty!)

And the flowers? From Costco!

The bride and groom! Congrats, Becca and Ryan!

You won't believe this: The cake is from Publix! Ryan's stepmom did the decorating. Lesson: If you have talented, creative friends or family members, LET THEM HELP YOU.

Here is Liza dancing with Becca's cousin, Clay. He's just, ohhh, a wee bit younger, but look how cute he is :) You go, girl. Here I am with Molly, the Maid (excuse me, MATRON) of Honor. She asked me for a few tips about her speech, so I hooked her up. Her speech was awesome, and so was mine. Naturally.

What do you think about this wedding? I thought it was great, and it suited the couple perfectly. What are the best money-saving wedding strategies you've heard about or done yourself?


  1. I, for one, had a fantastic time at the Bushong nuptials. It was a very classy affair and your speech was fantastic, naturally!

  2. It was great meeting you at the wedding, Becky! And thanks for the props on my speech, Michael. I know how hard that must have been for you to admit :)

  3. Great Post Ellen! I loved these super saving tips (I have heard of a Publix wedding cake before, but never seen a beautiful tiered one) and I have loved the J.Crew bridal stuff on line. I am glad to learn the dresses look nice on the bride as well. I had a brides maid dress from J.Crew a few years ago. It was well-made and I actually wore it again.
    Props to Becca!

  4. Just FYI,Shannon, the cake looked great in person. This pic doesn't do it justice. It looks a bit lopsided, but what more could you expect from a drunk bridesmaid??