Friday, October 9, 2009

Did you go to your high school reunion?

If you had asked me ten years ago whether or not I would be at my 10-year high school reunion, I would have said YES without a moment's hesitation. See, I'm the loser that liked high school more than college. The loser that sometimes still wishes I was in high school. 

This is a picture of me, Becca, Liza and Molly sophomore year after our Sixteen Seniors dance. It was a dance just like prom, only there wasn't a theme and the girls had to ask the guys to be their dates. I took a freshman named Dan Dickerson. He danced with Morgan Scoville all night long. Yep, I got iced. It's cool, Dan, no hard feelings. It's not like I still vividly remember the two of you laughing while you bump and grinded on each other right in front of my face or anything. 

So I guess I should correct myself. I didn't start loving high school until junior year. That's when I really started coming out of my shell and making tons of friends. That was also the year I discovered Smirnoff Ice. Good times. 

Sadly, my reunion is this weekend, but I couldn't afford the flight home since the holidays are coming up. It's a total bummer. If I had to guess how people remembered me from high school, I'd say "fun and nice." I'm sure someone out there has a story of a time that I acted like a bitch or whatever, but I really hope not. 

Tell me: Did you go to your high school reunion? What was your high school experience like?


  1. I am still bummed that you'll won't be there!! But the weather is looking questionable? We will call you tomorrow!

    And I am cracking up about your recall of your date with Dan, hilarious! No one ever really stayed with their dates at any of our dances, so it wasn't just you :)

    Great picture!!

  2. This is Haley D. I'm cracking up. Hilarious. Ellen -- I have to delurk on this one since Dan was bumping and grinding with Morgan Scoville. That's about the time I was dating Peter Costich (even funnier). And Becca, I remember taking Mike M. to Seniors and he bumped and grinded with YOU all night. :) Thanks for the memories Ellen!

  3. Ha, glad you like the post, Haley! I'm sure your husband's side of the story is a bit different, but that's how I remember it going down :) Hey, why was I the only one missing out on all the bumping and grinding?? Not. cool.