Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

I've been to a lot of sweet concerts: Prince, R.E.M, Janet Jackson and 50 Cent just to name a few. However, the one that I'd have to say was the hands-down, absolute BEST was the Up In Smoke concert I saw in Columbus, OH with my pal, Drew senior year of high school. I was there mainly for Eminem, but the headliners were amazing. Seeing Snoop and Dre onstage together doing their rap thang as they drank Hen from a plastic cup and blazed a joint is one memory I will never forget. It was off the HINGES, as the young folks say these days.

I saw Eminem in concert a few more times after that, but nothing will compare to that first one. He wasn't a superstar yet, so he still had that fight in his voice--the fight to prove who he was and that he could hang with the big dawgs. I loved every second. I'm pretty sure Drew and I were the only people in the audience who weren't hopped up on booze, weed or pain killers, but we didn't care (much). Omg, you should have seen me dancing with my two middle fingers up in the air--waving them like I just didn't care (Em instructed us to do that, so I obliged). I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. Fuuun times!

Switching gears, my very FIRST concert was New Kids On The Block. We were in St. Louis I believe for one of Foster's soccer tournaments, and we went as a family. You should have seen us. Liza and I wore ripped jean shorts with polka dot leggings underneath; my dad was shouting at people to SIT DOWN and Foster had his head in between his legs the entire time. (Don't think I didn't see you peeking when Danny and Donnie started breakdancing, Fos!)

So tell me, what's the best concert you've been to and WHY? And What was your first concert memory?


  1. A free "surprise" show by R.E.M. at the Georgia Theater (RIP - it will come back after the fire) in Athens, Ga.
    I know. It was zen.


  2. Oooh, this is IMPOSSIBLE. But probably Green Day at the Trump Plaza right after American Idiot came out. It was such a huge band to be playing such a tiny venue. We were probably 20 feet from the stage and they killed it as usual. I'm a nerd for GD -- we've seen them six times.

  3. hmmm, no idea really. Maybe keller williams and yonder mountain out at red rock in Colorado, but mostly for the ambiance. Saw phish at Noblesville, which was killer. Hopefully this Jay-Z concert coming up on the 10th at NKU will be off the HINGES (u sure young folks say this?), and can become my new number 1, but i doubt it!

  4. Ew, i saw Devin the dude (my fav rapper) and Del the funkee homosapien at the Dame (before they tore it down) has to be one of my all-time favs, it was a blast.

  5. yes, Shannon, REM was SOOO good in concert. I saw them at Rupp Arena. I went into the concert not being the biggest fan, but I definitely was after I saw that show. It was awesome.

    Kara, you are not a nerd for being a die hard Greenday fan...they ROCK! I would love to see a show. I'm pretty sure my Eminem obsession is a bit weirder.

    yeah, flip, you're right...young folks these days most likely do not say "off the hinges." I think I said that when I was in high school, so I'm sure there is some cool, new slang I don' know about these days. Some of my friends saw Jay-Z this summer and said he was awesome. I'm sure you will have the same experience. Oh and I remember hearing about Devin the Dude being in Lexington. I missed that somehow, maybe I was already in NYC. What was the main song he had...Cadillac Doors? Or is that someone else? I'm blanking. Is he still around??

  6. Umm, i did a youtube search and Chingy has a song called Cadillac Doors (pretty good, first time i have heard it). Devin has one called Cadillac '79, and is one of his more popular songs. "What a job" featuring Snoop and Andre 3000 is really good and probably got some radio play this past year. But yea, he is still around, just dropped an album about this time last year.

  7. I saw that same REM concert and it was incredible. I have seen them individually around Athens- they just randomly pop into bars and jam. Or they come as another band and "SURPRISE!" its's REM!

    Bruce Springsteen is another great one- I saw him in Atlanta and it was like the church of Bruce. So many die hard fans who knew every word and just an incredible vibe. I also saw him at the Stone Pony (surprise! as well!)in Asbury Park, New Jersey :)

  8. Ohh, Flip, I think the song I was thinking about is "See What I Can Pull." Does that sound right? I suppose I could look it up!! LIF, never seen the BOSS in concert, but I'm sure he has that nickname for a reason!