Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's the craziest thing you've done while you were intoxicated?

I've certainly done a few crazy things in my day while I was under the influence, but I don't want a phone call tonight from my mom in tears, so I think I'll take those stories to my grave. (Don't worry mom, it's nothing too bad.) 

Friday, a girl at work told me about this story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a guy who drove his sofa chair to a bar. As she was telling the story, I envisioned a wasted 20 year-old frat boy with shaggy hair and a backwards baseball cap acting a fool on a Saturday night. Um, yeah, not so much. 
Meet Dennis LeRoy Anderson, the operator of the motorized sofa chair that he powered by a gasoline-fueled converted lawn mower. (Seriously Dennis?) I'm not even sure if I fully understand what that means, but apparently it's true. Reportedly, Dennis was about nine beers deep before he even went out to the bar. He was slapped with a DWI later that night when he crashed into another vehicle. Whoopsie daisy!

Dennis pimped his ride with lights, cup holders and a stereo. I gotta give the man points for creativity—who the hell thinks of shit like this? 

So tell me friends: What's the craziest thing you've done while you were intoxicated? Maybe something you did this weekend, perhaps? Do share!


  1. Thats a pretty classy ride. Its easy to do crazy things while drunk. My friends and I got kicked out of two bars in one night at RU. We got escorted out of "The Knight Club" to the tune of the a-hole chant. They even stopped the music and turned all of the lights on. We weren't fighting or anything, but a little rough I guess. They had a shelf running around the dance floor to hold emptys and we broke a ton of glassware and bottles due to being clumsy while "doing the hump" or singing "rappers delight" the DJ was on a roll, he played like 5 80's rap songs in a row.

  2. That chair is the shit! i bet if he didn't get a DWI, he would have had a female riding home with him later that night.

    I'm a pretty well contained drunk, so anything remotely crazy usually invovles me following my roommate on drunken adventures.

  3. Haha, yeah, if that chair isn't a chick magnet, I don't know what is!!!

    And George, that is so funny...the a-hole chant, haha. I got kicked out of a bar on my 21st birthday. I have no idea what for, but I believe I was on my 15th shot, so it could have been a number of things. And apparently I told the bouncer to get a life and a JOB. Oops. Well look who needs the job NOW!!!

  4. I went back to visit UGA (while I was interning with you Ellen!) and got hammered. Apparently, before the night even began, I had said I would probably end up back at my old apartment. Well, I got close. I left the bar (by myself OOPS) and stumbled in the general direction. Unfortunately, I fell down and decided it was as good a spot as any to pass out. Turns out I was in the middle of the street between two freshman dorms- one of which I had lived in. The next day was my best friend's birthday and we spent it at the DMV trying to get me a new license after we realized my clutch was gone. Epic fail but definitely one for the books!

  5. I don't like to rehash really drunk moments and unforunately camera phones are making that more difficult for everyone! Let's just say most of my drunk moments involve getting sick in the wrong place at the wrong time! Luckily, it's usually with great friends who take care of me anyways!

  6. Haha, niiice, LIS. Sounds like you had a nice little nap :) Losing your wallet is the WORST!

    Yeah, Becca, you're pretty good at disguising your drunkness (is that a word?)--even at your bachelorette party! Well, until you fell on your ass! ;)

  7. LIS - did you pass out on the street between Cresswell and Russell? If so...YIKES!
    I had a friend pass out in a bush on North Campus at UGA the night of Twilight (a bike race, not the Vampire movie). A police officer was nice enough to rouse him and send him on his way without a ticket.
    While drunk I was convinced by my college boyfriend that he needed to spend the night in my room at the sorority, which was of course Verboten. I am a big "lead by example" girl, so I felt really bad about it after the fact.