Thursday, October 8, 2009

What was your favorite cafeteria food when you were in school?

When I was in elementary school, my mom usually packed my lunch for me, but on the occasional day she didn't, I ate whatever the cafeteria had to offer. My absolute favorite thing to get was the chalupa. I don't know why, but I loved it. (I think I just liked saying the word chalupa). Apparently, the other kids weren't showing the chalupa any love because one day I ordered it and the cafeteria lady told me they weren't serving it anymore because no one was ordering it. What the heck? I was ordering it. That was a sad day.

When I was packing my lunch yesterday, I realized it was almost identical to the lunches I ate as a kid. Except, I usually had pretzels too, and the sandwich was usually ham and cheese, and this is bologna. (I bought bologna instead of ham at the grocery because I realized it was like $2 cheaper. I can't say that I love it—I won't be getting it again). I don't think I ate my high school's cafeteria food once, but the two things I loved to get were Papa John's pizza and a chocolate Nutter Butter. Healthy, right? It was so funny, my lunch crew and I (Liza, Brit, Lalla) would always be on some kind of diet. Cabbage soup, Atkins orWeight Watchers (I lasted two weeks on Weight Watchers. I gained a half pound the second week and the lady who weighed me got all pissy about it. I quit that day). So we'd be eating our totally unsatisfying lunches, and then say, "Let's get pizza!" Haha, no wonder I gained weight on Weight Watchers. That's some Kirstie Alley shit right there.

An even funnier thing than the ridiculous diets we attempted in high school was the fact that we didn't even sit in the cafeteria until junior year. We were tight with Ms. Rob, the PE teacher, so we either ate in her room or in the hallways. Whoa, I was cool.

Tell me: What was your favorite school cafeteria food? (I'm kinda wishing I had tried the tater tots now). And where did you sit to eat your lunch?


  1. omg Ellen, I LOVE LOVE LOVE caf food. My all-time fave was (and still is) the boiled hot dog wrapped in foil so the bun gets a little soggy. But every day can't be hot dog day, so I used to go with two pizza bagels, a red Slush Puppy, and an Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie. The diabetes should kick in any day now.

  2. Well, I don't think we had as much choice back in England as you lot do here Ellen. In primary school I remember very fondly the lemon curd tart, but that was a rare treat for us (used to go back for seconds...sure the dinner lady loved that!). Typical fare for pudding, however, was either semolina or tapioca pudding which were both disgusting.

  3. Haha, Kara you are so funny. I've never heard of a caf that serves boiled hot dogs, slushes and pizza bagels!!! That's pretty sweet.

    Kissifffer, What is up with the UK school systems? If your biggest excitement in the school caf was a lemon curd tart, I really feel for ya. Another difference (I THINK) btwn US/UK schools is the sports. Here, there is a team for everything, while over there if you don't like soccer--er, football--you are screwed.

  4. Please don't remind me of our lunch escapades! The cabbage soup diet was the WORST!!!! And what were we thinking - we were swimming 2 hours a day! Not smart!

    I definitely tried the caf food the last day of high school and bought the chicken sandwich the boys seemed to love so much! It wasn't half bad!