Monday, October 5, 2009

How do you drink your coffee?

So you might remember me mentioning my coffee drink of choice once or twice: grande skim latte from Starbucks. When I first started drinking coffee two years ago, I tried to train my taste buds to favor Dunkin Donuts because I thought Starbucks was the cliche trendy thing to do. It didn't work. Starbucks just gets better and better every year; I can't resist it. And I'm freakin' OBSESSED with their oatmeal (I use just half of the brown sugar, nuts and raisins and save the rest to use at home—healthy and economical). It's probably not that much tastier than any other oatmeal, but the Starbucks label gives it instant bonus points.

If you recall from this post, the first thing I cut back on when I'm running low on money are my mani/pedis. The second? My Starbucks habit. It's expensive. I'm waiting (yet again) on a few paychecks to arrive in the mail, so until I get them, no Starbucks for me. However, when I walked by a Starbucks this weekend and saw they were doing a taste challenge—their regular coffee vs. their new VIA instant coffee—I had to partake.

The guy conducting the challenge told a group of us that most everyone liked the instant coffee better. I'll be the exception to the rule on this little science experiment, I thought. I smelled both coffees, sipped them—one, then the other, then the other again—smelled each again, pursed my lips together like a real coffee-tasting pro and selected my winner. I didn't go against the grain like I thought I would—I chose the VIA instant brew like everyone else! I think the reason I picked it is because the flavor wasn't very strong. I like bland coffee—if it tastes like hot water with a little foam, I'm all about it. (Which is what a skim latte taste like).

After the tasting, I was given a coupon for a FREE tall coffee and a $1 off this 3-pack VIA instant brew. It normally costs $3, so it was quite a deal. My usual grande skim latte costs $4.08. The marketing masterminds behind this idea deserve one big ol' pat on the back; they found a way to keep their broke costumers coming in. This definitely settles my "all or nothing" approach to my coffee drinking—I can still enjoy the treat for a lost less! (Sure, it's not quite the same as my beloved latte, but it will more than suffice for now).

Wow, I never thought I'd have so much to say about coffee. I probably could have said everything I needed to in three sentences, but you know how I carry on at times. And you love it.

If you haven't done the Starbucks taste challenge, it's not too late! It ends today at 10pm—I think it's definitely worth a try.

Anyheezie, how do you like your coffee? And where do you go for your cup of joe?


  1. I had to kick my starbucks habit as well. My paychecks are steady, mind you, but when my secretary pointed out that the drink cost more than a box of cereal, I took pause. I mean, $3.50 five (or more) times a week is $17.50 or more. That buys you a spa pedicure here in the ATL.
    So now when I get my decafe, tall, skinny vanilla latte, it is a BIG treat! I now only get coffee when I am traveling (esp if I can charge it to a client...yes, I am an evil attorney). I brew my own coffee at home otherwise.

  2. Not a coffee drinker, never picked up the habit, doubt i will. Now, don't mistake that for me being caffeine free, i am human. I must get my 12oz. canned soft-drink for dessert, after lunch.

  3. Well, one good thing about being low on funds is that my caffeine intake is less. LESS, not nonexistent. If I have a cup of coffee one day, I try not to have a Diet Coke the same day. I'm a work in progress!