Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So, the countdown begins. In less than five hours I will be at a bar with my friends, spreading Halloween cheer to fellow Manhattanites. How will I do this you say? Take a look.

This year, instead of stuffing my face with candy, I'll be giving it away. And, I'm doing a little shameless plugging for the ol' blog while I'm at it. Why not, right? I almost had a nervous breakdown in the grocery store when  the clerk rang me up. Since when is candy so expensive? Umm yeah, I had to put a few things back, and it still costed more than I'd like to mention. 

Some of my more grown up friends are staying home to give out candy to cute little trick-or-treaters, dressed in Superman and Dora The Explorer costumes. My trick-or-treaters on the other hand, will most likely all be over the age of 25, sporting scantily clad Lady Gaga costumes. I have a feeling I'm going to see a whole lotta Gaga tonight.

Oh and check out my friend Peter's Halloween diddy here. It's pretty sweet—I've already got it stuck in my head! 

So what are your Halloween plans? And what costume do you predict will be the most popular this year? I think I'll see a few Kate Gosselins, too!

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