Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are your friends starting to have babies?

I have already told my best friends—more than a few times—that I will not have pregnant bridesmaids in my wedding. Now, I'm not sure when I'm actually getting married, so girls, either get knocked up NOW, or you wait until you're 35. 

Of course, I am kidding (kinda, sorta...ok, not really!), but I'm just not ready for all of my friends to start having babies. I am just so.not. there yet. (Sorry mom, I know that's not what you want to hear!) I like my life how it is now—unpredictable, with the feeling that the sky's the limit! I admit it, I'm selfish. I wanna do me before I start giving all of myself to another little human being, and I'm certainly not ready to go to cookouts where half of the people there are under five years-old. 
With that being said, I can start to feel my biological clock start to tick ever so slightly. All of a sudden, babies are cuter than ever, and I have even found myself playing peek-a-boo with a few random babies on the subway. Whoa. And this precious lil' guy is George Danger Wahlgren—my friend, Kara's son. As you can see, his cute-factor is off the charts. I love baby George for three reasons: 1) His parents are the coolest people ever. 2.) His middle name is Danger—'nuff said. 3.) He cannot smell my fear. I told you in this post that most babies can smell my fear and instantly start crying when I am within a 10-foot radius. Not Danger. I met him for the first time this summer, and when he looked at me with those big blue eyes and smiled, I fell in love. 

I hope I don't sound like a total scrooge. Of course, when the time comes to have children (God willing), it will be the biggest blessing of my life. For now though, I'll cherish my nights out, crushing on Samantha Ronson and partying until 6am.

What about you: Are your friends having babies? How do you feel about it? Are YOU having babies??


  1. aww that is one cute adorable baby! ^_^ none of my friends started having babies yet, but when my sisters did(they both have a girl and a boy) i used to babysit them a lot lol. And yes, babies have that effect they are just to irresistibly adorable! And oh, when they look at you and smile, then say those lil cooing sounds they make or try to say a syllable, Aww!just priceless!
    I love babies but I think they're not for me right now lol.. Maybe after 3-4 yrs in the marriage then we'd start having one lol

    It's the late nights and when the baby gets sick that Im worried about lol on the other hand, pregnancy has a lot in it hahaha.. the weight gain! eeepp lol kidding, and the stretch marks plus the giving birth lol

  2. I'm cracking up at his face. If you put a smiley pic of him up, I think everyone would want babies...haha. That's just my biased opinion. But EC, why wouldn't you have a preggo bridesmaid? A PBM will make you look skinnier AND be a designated driver. Win-win!

  3. Kara, I LOVE this pic! It's the cutest. And very good point about the PBM, I'm totally rethinking my stance on that now.

    And O, I'm with ya on the stretch marks and weight gain...not quite ready for that yet!!!

  4. omg this baby IS off the cute charts! and he can legit say "my middle name is danger"-very impressive.

  5. 1) That baby is cute. Those eyes are mind-control devices. And I love baby pictures where the baby is looking pensive, uncertain, or angry. I think they look like little wise souls.
    2) I have a few friends with babies and I love it. Cooing at baby pictures is a new past time of mine, and I am getting better at holding babies without having the horror shine through on my face. You are right Ellen, babies can smell the fear.
    3) I feel the ticking and the tocking and I dig it. I don't want one now, but I definitely want one in the near future.
    4) I think pregnant or recently pregnant brides' maids are pretty miserable and clearly trying to be supportive. Usually their boobs can't be contained by any brides maid dresses, they feel bloated, and their feet are swollen. I think it is a good idea to make a prego friend an honorary brides maid, give her a corsage, and save her the horror of standing up in front of everyone feeling whale-like. BUT I DO like the idea that she makes the bride looks smaller and can drive the drunkies around.


  6. You're not selfish you're wise, E. Being from Nebraska (where most of my high school friends were married with kids and mortgages by 23) I was considered a black sheep for waiting to get married 'til I reached the spinsterly age of 27.

    Once we were wed no one in my family could believe that we weren't withchild within a year (we've been married 7 years and are JUST NOW expecting our first). But we wanted to enjoy our marriage. We wanted to seek out adventure and couldn't do that with a kid in tow. Most importantly, we knew we weren't ready to devote our lives to one little being just yet.

    And I wouldn't change any of it, I wouldn't exchange waking up to watch the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower, eating tapas in Barcelona, snorkeling in St. Thomas or slurping char-broiled oysters in New Orleans (amongst a million other memories since we tied the knot) for having children sooner. I know when we welcome our little one I won't have any regrets about what I missed out on and I can only hope that's going to make me an even better mother.

  7. I was just having this same conversation last week and I'm with you, Ellen. I woke up a few weeks ago and realized that I had blinked and most of my good friends had gotten married. I'm okay with this because I've met some great new people and weddings are a great excuse to party too hard with your closest friends. However once kids are thrown in the mix it's no longer acceptable to wake up under the kitchen table after a night of drinking 16 beers and declaring yourself the king of the world to a roomful of your friends. Apparently it's downright looked down upon!

    Don't get me wrong I love kids and plan on having a few eventually. But being able to call up my buddies and put together a crazy adventure at a moment's notice isn't something I'm prepared to give up just yet. There's no such thing as a moment's notice when children are involved.

    I'm pretty sure I've got another 3 to 4 years before this becomes a huge issue, so like I said I'm with you. Here's to partying until 6am and crushing on Meghan Fox! (Samantha Ronson isn't into dudes)

  8. my friends are more in the "getting married" stage, just as scary, im sure the next 3 years will be filled with babies.

  9. Wow, sounds like you've had some awesome experiences, Rain!! I've had plenty of adventure in my life (good and bad), so I think I'll be ready when the time comes to have kids. Congrats on your first!!!

    Michael, you are too funny. I agree with pretty much everything you said, minus the Megan Fox comment. Come.ON. dude. Can you think of someone less cliche??

    Flip, I hear ya. The weddings are fun (but I'm sure more scary for guys when their friends start "dropping like flies")...but babies are a whole other story!!!

  10. That pic of Danger is funny. K could supply you with a few that would make you melt. He was hitting on a 93 year old woman at dinner last night. He's a pro, she was totally into him.

  11. I love this pic!!! It's adorable, plus he kinda has an "I just farted" expression, which is sweet. Danger hits on 93 year-old women? So you're telling me there's a CHANCE?! (I just said that in my mind in my best Jim Carey from Dumb and Dumber voice, fyi ;))

  12. Love your blog! You remind me a little of Jen Lancaster - the queen of being fired and making a living out of it, well besides Dooce! Keep it comin!

    And, sister, I cannot even begin to talk about friends with babies! Ugh!

  13. Twentyfifthyear, you are my new best friend. I'm totally buying you a drink if you're ever in NYC. Scratch that, you know I can't afford it. I'll find a way to get guys to buy US the drinks ;) Ok, that was random, but you just gave me the compliment of all compliments: DOOCE!!! Thank you so much, I'm glad you like the blog :)