Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Halloween--Vintage Style

Happy (almost) Halloween, readers! So, if you ever questioned my dedication to you or this blog, just know this: I woke up earlllly to get my ass to Kinko's so I could scan these pics for Photo Shoot Friday. My boyfriend has a scanner at his place, but after trying for over an hour and a half to get the darn thing to work last night, I surrendered. Walking through the Lower East Side so early in the morning is a bit scary, so not only did I lose out on sleep and skip a workout to show you these pics, I risked my life. That's all, no thanks needed though. So I hope you like them--you're in for a treat!
Here we are, the Collis triplets, dressed as the Three Musketeers. "All for one, and one for all!" I think we were pretty pumped about these costumes the first year we wore them, but somehow I remember wearing them more than once. It wasn't so much fun after that. And I know, I know, Liza and Foster look like cute little twins, and I look like the adopted triplet. As I mentioned in this post, I was pretty quick on the puberty front, so that explains it. I was always the odd one out growing up. (And by that I mean, big and chubby). The only way my parents knew for sure that I was theirs is the fact that I popped out of my mom's womb with a unibrow.

Liza and I decided to be secretaries for our first Halloween in New York. Pretty cute, huh? Everyone at the party we went to asked us what we were and complimented our outfits. That's the good thing about Halloween--costumes are great conversation starters--especially if you're single. (I was at the time).

Here we have Snow White, Chuck Norris and Tinkerbell. I'm not even going to try to be modest --I made one badass Snow White. This is probably the only time I had a girlie costume for Halloween; I typically was something goofy or tomboy-ish. Chuck Norris was pretty on-point for Foster. He loved that shit. His best costume though was the year he was a mummy. He was so unravelled by the end of the night, everyone thought he was a bum! And Liza. Liza, Liza, Liza--bless her. She was always something waaay girlie or totally random. One year she dressed up as Springtime Barbie, and was pissed as hell that no one knew what she was. (I guess the floral dress and white floppy hat wasn't enough of a clue, Lize). Another year she was an old lady--it was hilarious! Oh, the good 'ol days.

Ok so this picture is from a dance recital, but I'm pretty sure one of us wore it for Halloween one year for a flapper costume. Look at the serious blush Liza is rockin' on her cute little cheeks. Say it with me now, Awww.

Ok, so I'm not particularly proud of this costume, but my boyfriend likes the pic, so I thought I'd share. Can you guess what I am? No, I'm not a skanked-out ho. Any other guesses? No? I'm a gold digger! I ordered the costume online, and it came with a construction hat, but I just couldn't bring myself to wear it. This was my second Halloween in NYC. Click here if you missed pics from the last two years!

So, what'd you think of my pics? Which one was your favorite? And what costumes did you wear back in the day?


  1. I thought about digging up old pics, then I thought nahhhh. This was a great post - that Gold Digger outfit, oh my!

    My Mum was the BEST costume maker growing up. I've been Wendy from Peter Pan, Glenda the Good Witch, a Bride, a Hippie, a Dog, a French Maid..oh the list goes on! Unfortunately I don't know my way around a needle and thread so my kids may have to suffer the store bought syndrome!

    Can't wait to see this year's!

  2. I am really excited about potential trick-or-treaters tomorrow. I have already carved several pumpkins with hopes it will lure little goblins to my door.
    I was a table one year when I was about 9. I had cardboard with a hole in the middle for my head, and we glued plates, a table cloth, fake food, etc to it. I wore flowers in my hair. It was awesome.
    I am partial to the three musketeers photo: everyone looks really cute and I am sure one of the perks to having labored through the births of three little meatloaves at once is being able to do theme outfits like that. So bravo to your parents for taking advantage of their multiple blessings.

  3. Is it really odd that I remember those costumes!?

  4. Lauren, how could you NOT remember those costumes is the question! You know every kid on our block was jealous of the Three Musketeers! haha

    TwentyFifth, I'm with ya...I cannot sew to save my life. My kids will definitely be screwed.

    And Shannon, the table costume is hilarious. I love when kids do random stuff like that, it's so awesome. I agree, nothing will ever top the Three Musketeers!!!

  5. i know i am way late on this post, but i have to share. i dated a guy with the last name rodgers a couple years ago. his brother and sister-in-law and their FOUR kids all dressed as pirates and went as the "jolly rodgers" it was so clever!! it might be why i dated him for so long...