Friday, October 16, 2009

Do you compare yourself to other people?

I do, and I wish I didn't. I know it's only natural, but sometimes comparing yourself to other people just makes you feel like shit. I've gotten a lot better about not comparing myself to people when it comes to material things. I haven't been shopping in at least six months (unless you count the American Apparel shirt dress and the $10 ZARA tee I got this summer)—so there's really no point. 

However, when my friend Logan emailed me today and told me about all these great freelance projects he's working on, and how his blog is getting noticed by some pretty cool people, I instantly felt jealous. I started questioning my life, and everything I was doing. Waaa! Why aren't these things happening for ME? I thought. 

Here's Logan taking a minute to appreciate nature. Oh, and did I mention that every Tuesday he volunteers at a school in Harlem teaching art classes? Logan, why don't you go ahead and save a baby from a burning building to really finish me off.

Loge, you know I'm just kidding. No one deserves all these great things more—well, except for me maybe :) I'm happy for you. Truly, I am. (Can't you hear it in my voice? I'm trying here!)

Argh, I hate feeling bitter and competitive. Please, someone out there tell me I'm not alone!


  1. You are you Ellen. Embrace the person you are the person you've become and undoubtedly the person you'll go on to be. Everyone has their own dilemma's and no one's life is perfect contrary to how it may appear.

    And ultimately you are the master of your own destiny. Nothing in this world comes for free. Drive on. You'll get your reward in time too. Chin up life could be worse.

  2. In case u hadn't noticed from the bachelor party invitation thing I can get pretty competitive as well. This situation reminds me a lot of what I deal with at work everyday. I work with about 50 25 year old competitive overachievers all of whom want to be the best in the company at their jobs. You have a great opportunity here to learn from someone who is successful doing what you want to do. Pick his brain and figure out the path he took to get there, both the good and the bad. Take that knowledge and use it to avoid the mistakes he made and capitalize on the things he did right. Add some Ellen along the way to accelerate the process and soon you will have people coming to you asking for the same advice. Success is not a fluke! Your blog is great and makes me laugh everyday! You can be as sucessful as you want to be! Go get it!

  3. Thanks for the support, guys! And trust me, I KNOW that life could be so so so much worse (and it definitely has been)...just needed a little venting session. Thanks for listening :)

    I know that I am making all the right moves (networking like crazy, doing assignments for FREE, etc), so my time is coming!