Friday, October 2, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Arriba! Arriba!

Last night I met up with Liza, Tiffany, Julie and Federica for dinner at a new-ish restaurant called Los Feliz on the Lower East Side. We originally planned to go to Barrio Chino, but there was at least an hour wait, and we were hungry. Julie and Federica are new friends I met through Liza, so I was really excited to hang out with them and get to know them better. We had been sending each other email chain after email chain about this dinner for about three months before we actually could make it happen!

My boyfriend went to dinner nearby, so he stopped in to say hello on his walk home. I thought he was just going to do a drive-by, but then Tiffany invited him to pull up a chair, so he sat down with us for a beer (actually three). I started to worry that everyone would think it was weird that he crashed a girls' night out, and that I was one of those girls that had to be with her bf 24/7 (which couldn't be further from the truth), but everyone seemed genuinely happy to have him there, so it all worked out. We carried on with our girl talk about boys and careers like he was one of us.

Liza and I ordered our boring glasses of white wine while everyone else got jalapeno margaritas. Here's Federica enjoying her first one of the night. (Fed, can I call you Fedi like Liza does? Are we cool like that?) And then came the guac, salsa and chips!

The guac and salsa came in the paper hot dog type containers you get at baseball games, and the chips were in this greasy brown bag. I get the idea, but honestly, I think the restaurant is trying a bit too hard to be "downtown" trendy. You know, like Whoa, we're a cool, hipster restaurant. Not quite. Barrio Chino's got you beat there.

I was in the mood for something light, so I ordered the sea bass ceviche. The first few bites were yummy, but it was a bit too salty, so I can't say I loved it. I just ate half. I suppose it gets an A for presentation though!

When I went downstairs to go to the restroom, I saw this cool lounge area. Honestly, I think the next time I hit up Los Feliz, it will be just for drinks; the atmosphere is pretty cool.

Here we are toasting our last drink of the night. So much fun! Let's not wait another three months to do this again, girls!

Mexican restaurants are my favorite in NYC (along with sushi). I love the chill atmosphere, and of course the chips and guac.

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Tell me: What are your favorite Mexican drinks and dishes??

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