Saturday, October 3, 2009

How do you react when a guy offers to buy you a drink?

This might sound weird, but even before I met my boyfriend, I usually turned down guys when they offered to buy me a drink. I just hated leading them on, and feeling obligated to talk to them the rest of the night just because they were footing the bill. The times I did let a guy buy me a drink, I was so consumed with planning my exit strategy throughout the entire conversation that I finally realized it just wasn't worth it.  

I know plenty of girls who happily take guys up on their offer (even when they aren't the least bit interested), and I really don't think there's anything wrong with that. I also know girls who "date" a few different guys at one time just so they constantly have someone refreshing their vodka tonics. I can't say I agree with that, but hey, whatever works I suppose. 

The last time a guy offered to buy me a drink (which was quite a while ago), I just smiled and said, "No thanks." He kinda looked at me like, "Is that it?" but I don't think his ego took such a tough blow. For a girl who is broke 99 percent of the time and gets overly excited about getting FREE...anything, I know this might come as a surprise. Liza's the same way; I guess it's in our blood or something.

So girls: How do you usually react when a guy offers to buy you a drink? And guys: Have you ever bought a girl drinks all night long, only to have her tell you "she's going to the bathroom," and then see her walk out of the bar with her friends? Ouch. 


  1. I always turn them down. Not that it happens that often but when it does I just feel so uncomfortable!

    The last time it happened here was the guy's response: "What the $%^& are you doing in a bar if you aren't letting anyone buy you drinks?" I calmly explained I come to bars to hang out with friends, not to pick up guys and he went ballistic.

    I'm working on that off limits vibe :)

  2. I don't mind.

    If a guy is gonna buy anyone a drink at the bar, why not let that person be me?

  3. Be interested to see what y'all have to say on this one. I refuse to buy a girl i don't know drinks. Not worth my money or troubles. Of course, occasionally, ill get one for a female friend. I'm not a complete scrooge.

  4. Like your attitude, Peter! And LIF, sounds like we're kinda the same on this one. Liza just told me her nice, no-fail way of turning down a guy. She says, "I'm taking a break right now." She said it works every time. I mean, what is the guy gonna do, pour the drink down her throat? Flip, maybe you just haven't met the right woman?!

  5. I agree with Flip here, I don't buy girls drinks at bars either. If you are really interested in the girl then it is a waste of time because you are immediately put into the "dude who just bought me a drink and now expects me to talk to him" group. Strangely enough going ballistic on girls has never worked for me either.