Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What would you rather have: A great job or a great boyfriend?

I know, you want both. Well, let's say you can't have both. I don't. When I thought back to this post where I wrote about all my fabulous single friends who can't meet a cool guy to save their lives (let alone one that's ready for a commitment!), it made me realize how lucky I am to have an amazing boyfriend. Without his constant support, I honestly do not know how I would have survived losing my job, and everything that came with it. (You guys should thank him too--he's the one that pushed me to start this blog!)

I'm a greedy bitch, I want it all. The fab boyfriend, job, clothes--everything. But, we can't have everything we want right when we want it, can we? (Well, I hope to have it all one day.)

So, ladies (and gentlemen): If you had to choose between either having a great job or a great boyfriend (or girlfriend), what would it be and WHY??


  1. Awwww, too cute. Sometimes, life tests our patience, but in the end it'll ALLLLLL work out. Especially for someone as fabulous as you...
    Hope you're having a better day Ellen!

  2. I would much rather have a great girlfriend than a great job, but im not trying to be a bottom feeder. I can live a simple life, but i want to be able to have some fun.

  3. Oh Elle, we love Luke too!! I have to say a great boyfriend! I'm lucky to say I married mine almost a year ago (can you believe it will be a year!?!). But work wouldn't be picking me up a milkshake right now because I have the flu, but my hubby is :)

  4. I think flip makes a good point - if you have the fun, you can handle a job that may be less fulfilling. Like you said in your post, Ellen, the love and support of your guy helped you to organize and cope after a less than savory career hiccup.
    Sometimes having a great job makes you confident and more likely to find a good mate, though I think you could probably devote a whole blog entry to whether or not a successful woman is intimidating to men (my vote - YES).
    Wow...there is a lot of meat/discussion potential in this one.
    For me, I feel like right now I have both (knocking on the desk), and I am happier now than when I just had the good job.


  5. Thanks for the support guys, it really helps! And Molls, I am LOVING all the comments today! Maybe you should get sick more often :) Juuust kidding.

    And Shannon, I do think successful women are intimidating; the trick is finding a confident guy. My bf loves bragging about my accomplishments. (Not that I've had any recently, but ya know...haha)

  6. um ellen-this blog is a huge success, so there is one thing right there!

    this is a difficult choice to make since we spend so much time at work. if you have a miserable job, it makes you miserable. no matter the support you have at home. at least that is how i felt at my first job. and being happy with yourself (at work or otherwise) does make you more confident like shannon said...

    still though-i think i would pick a great boyfriend. having a partner; someone you can really laugh with and be completely yourself around and someone you know supports you in good times and bad-that is worth more than any success at work to me.

  7. Definitely Girlfriend. Jobs and whole companys these days, come and go.

  8. Awww MA, you're making me blush! And you're totally right about how having a good job can be a confidence booster. I was sooo insecure when I first lost my job...ESPECIALLY when I met people for the first time and they asked me what I did. I've learned a few tricks to make my unemployed status sound a little cooler now though ;)

    And, yes, George, jobs do come and go...I'm proof of that!

  9. Definitely a great boyfriend or girlfriend! Jobs come and go but hopefully you find someone to that makes you happy at the end of the day!

    But that being said - there is nothing wrong with wanting it all!!! : )