Friday, November 6, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Stackable rings, chocolate and pizza

Last night I went to the M. Levinson launch party in Nolita to check out jewelry by a new designer my friend, Nancy, is working with.
I saw lots of cool pieces, but this necklace was one of my favorites. I made a joke that I'd run out of the party with it on, and if I hadn't been feeling tired and icky, I just might have.

So let's discuss my style here. From the looks of it, Inspector Gadget was my fashion inspiration. Trench coat: check. Nerdy glasses: check. All I'm missing is a hat with a pinwheel on top. I suppose I get points for trying, right? Ya know when you compliment someone on something that you don't necessarily like just because it's just so unavoidable? I think that's what people were doing to me on my glasses. I'm pretty sure of it, actually. Haha

My favorite pieces were definitely the stackable rings. I love anything you can stack and layer, and mixing different colors like Jenn did here is so pretty. Matthew, the designer, approached us as we were trying all the jewelry on. I always feel a little insecure at parties because I'm not affiliated with any one magazine at the moment, but he was totally chill and we had a good time talking. Right as I was making a joke to him about my unemployed status and $5 Footlong diet, a photographer started snapping pictures of us. I felt a little silly because out of everyone in the room, I was a total nobody. But, I just went with it and tried to be natural and "candid" as the photographer suggested. I think it must have been the glasses that made me look important ;)

Here's Thea rocking a plaid Forever21 coat. How freakin' cute is THAT?! I love coats that make the outfit. And look at Jenn in the background working out a pair of denim cut-offs and tights. I've been wanting to sport that trend since last fall, but I just never knew how put it together. Sigh.
Here's Nancy--one of the coolest, most well-connected chicks in all of Manhattan. Even though we didn't know each other very well at the time I lost my job, she agreed to meet me for brunch to help devise my plan for world domination. (I'm getting there, Nance!) She's been really supportive of me, and we've been friends ever since!
Look how adorable these mini cupcakes are. Can you believe I didn't pop a single one into my mouth? Umm yeah, I'm kinda regretting that right now!

At the end of the night, Nancy passed out these goodies. I loved the jewels, but anyone who knows me, knows that this was the real highlight. Yum-my!

I had, of course, eaten the second half of my turkey sub before going out, but Jenn was hungry so we went to this cute restaurant across the street called 24 Prince--owned by Nikki Cascone of Top Chef Season 4!

So I know this isn't the best picture ever, but this sausage pizza was SO delicious. Truly.

Again, I'm not doing the food justice (it was dark in there!), but Jenn said that her meatloaf and mashed potatoes were reallly good. I'm now wishing I had taken a few nibbles from this dish, too. I'll definitely going back when I have more of an appetite!

And just for kicks, I took a picture of this sign on the New Museum. (Which, ahh, I haven't even been to yet). This is precisely how I'm feeling right now: HELL, YES it's Friday!!!

Tell me guys, what are your plans for the weekend? I'm doing a lot of relaxing, a little work and some afternoon beer-drinking. Of course I'll keep you posted on my whereabouts--details to come tomorrow!

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  1. This weekend I will be dodging a baby shower my sister is hostessing for one of her friends I don't know, and spending time with one of my bf's who is leaving for 5 months on business. I'm sad to see her go, she's the last one I had around to hang out with since moving back home. Oh, well- c'est la vie!

    P.S. Copious amounts of wine will be on the agenda.

    Have a good one Ellen :)