Saturday, November 14, 2009

Want a pair of Jimmy Choos for under $200? I thought so.

In this post I told you about how to score designer dresses on the cheap, and now you can get fabulous shoes for less (a lot less) to finish the look. Last night I went to a Jimmy Choo for H&M party. Yes, you read that correctly. 

I had a hard time actually getting into the party at first. I assumed I could get in as Jenn's plus-one, but that didn't work. Then I started spouting off names of my friends that I thought were on the list, but weren't. Umm yeah, not my smartest idea. I'm not confident enough yet with my freelance status to RSVP for parties under my name unless I have a friend who can hook me up. I don't mind getting rejected (trust me, my ego is not that big), but I was cranky after a long week and ended up getting a little pissy with the door girl. Sor-ry! Finally a girl saw Jenn and I standing off to the side of the line and ushered us in. Phew! 

Anyone can have a party in a club or a bar, but actually having it in the store was so cool. Party-goers got first dibs on the Jimmy Choo items, and while the prices were incredibly reasonable, I obviously couldn't afford to purchase anything. (Enter sad face here)

These zebra heels are hottt. I forgot to check the price tag, but I know a lot of the Jimmy Choo shoes were under $200. Considering the real thing can run up to over $1,000, it was quite a bargain! 
Within minutes, the shoe section was chaos. Boxes were everywhere, and people were sprawled out trying on pair after pair—it was a sight!

I liked these blue and black ones a lot, too. Isn't it nice that now high-fashion heels aren't just limited to the Carrie Bradshaw's of the world? 

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without showing you the food that was served. This bite-sized bacon cheese burger had so much flavor, it was unreal. De-lish. 

In addition to this bite of filet (yuuum), there was also salmon on toast, BLT sandwiches and chewy gingersnap cookies—all miniature-sized of course. So good.

This is the first time ever that Jimmy Choo is designing clothes. I love this jumpsuit—everyone seems to have at least one these days. I'm not sure how it would look on my 5'3 frame though?

Jenn bought these cool croc Oxfords. I think she was just as excited to get the bright blue Jimmy Choo shopping bag as she was the shoes!

This is the first and only time I will encourage you to stop reading my blog, but if you aren't already heading out to an H&M store right.this.second you have to. Get going!!

So what do you think: Are you pumped about Jimmy Choo designing for H&M? (Do I even need to ask??)

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