Thursday, November 26, 2009

What's your airport style?

Hey guys! I landed in Columbus safe and sound, and I just wanted to check in before I hit the bottle. 'Cause you know I'm gonna hit it...hard. It's always interesting to see people's traveling attire. I could tell a distinct difference in style between the New York and Columbus airports, that's for sure. I only have clothing requirement for traveling: comfy. 

Here I am in an American Apparel hoodie and leggings. Not too shabby for waking up at 5am, eh? (Liza and I woke up early to go running in the park, woohoo!)

Here's Liza with the luggage. Can anyone guess which suitcase belongs to who? Umm yeah, Liza brought everything she owns. Her cute lumberjack jacket is from J.Crew, jeans are Uniqlo, boots are DKNY and her purse is Marc by Marc Jacobs. Oh and the cutest accessory of all is her neck pillow—she didn't want to take that thing off!

What airport style are you rockin' these days? And what are the best and worst outfits you saw today?


  1. You both look adorable! I live in Brazil, so every time I'm traveling abroad, the flights are long. Really really long. I like to be comfortable, so it's usually skinny jeans, a blazer and a big scarf, since I'm always freezing.

    We don't celebrate thanksgiving here, so it's just a normal summer day lol. Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA : )

  2. I think all women in Ohio are issued an OSU hoodied at their sweet 16 that they don't take off until they are entombed. I base this on a trip to Columbus I took a few weeks ago. Actually I saw a few wolf sweatshirts at the airport as well that flight (but the starbucks was open at 4:30 am, so Columbus/Port Airport has my love). Mom jeans and hoodies abound. When I fly I am either wearing work clothes or a jeans version of work clothes (eg blazer and jeans) when I fly.
    I try to wear flats because I always walk in the airport (Hartsfield Jackson/ATL is about a mile long from secruity to the end, so a nice stroll before a flight is good for the constitution). If I do wear heels, I usualy hate myself by the time I land. I have been known to change clothes in airport bathrooms as well (from work, to blazer and jeans).

  3. um someone hit the sauce before she wrote her comment to fire and fabulous...I am not pointing fingers but...You know who you are Shannon.

  4. I think I am somewhere in between you and your sister. I like to be comfy, but also cute. I mean, I could meet my husband ANYWHERE haha. I saw some interesting get-ups though. My favorite ones are the four-inch boots. I'm like, "Biotch how you gonna escape this plane if we crash? And I know you're taking those off before you hit the inflatable slide!"

    Hope you had a good T. Day!

  5. Hi Marina!! Your airport style sounds awesome, I love blazers. I'm so jealous you're in's the weather there right now? (Wait, don't tell me, it'll just make me more jealous...)

    Haha, drunk commenting, Shannon--I LOVE IT!!!

    So funny twentyfifth! I think the airport would be such cute way to meet your future husband :)