Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Mexican Stew, Coronas and an OMFG cute pooch

Why hello there, friends! It's Friday and thank GOD for that. I'm so over this week--I just want Thanksgiving to be here, um, yesterday.

So last night it was Tiffany's birthday, and since she wanted to be super low-key about it, we went over to her friend (and now my friend) Camille's house for dinner. I'm feeling a little lazy at the moment, so I'm not sure how much more writing I can muster up. Let's just play it by ear, K?

I got Tiff's pooch, Rocky, in one hand and a Corona in the other. It doesn't get much better. Who's cuter: Me or Rocks? Actually, don't answer that!!

Look at Camille's amaaazing apartment. She lives in Park Slope (which is in Brooklyn for those who may not know). Liza and I have been thinking about moving to Brooklyn for a while, and after being at Camille's ridiculously awesome apartment last night, I want to make it happen more than ever! (Yeah, so it's twice the size of mine and cheaper!)

Here's the birthday girl with her main squeeze. Everyone was feeling icky after a long day at work, and wasn't thrilled about all the picture taking I wanted to do, but I finally got Tiff to smile for one!

So the highlight of the night was Camille's Mexican stew. It was SO.GOOD. And pretty healthy. She listed off all the ingredients, but I wasn't paying attention. Boo. From what I remember though, it was ground beef, beans, jalapenos (I think) and...and...I don't know! Camille, can you help me out here? I added a little cheese and a dollop of sour cream on top, just for a little color ;)

Rocky licked our feet as we chowed down on the stew. We were too distracted to really care though. Tiff is taking him on her photo shoot in Miami this weekend, which explains his sweet haircut. He might even be included in the shoot, but as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get any better than Photo Shoot Friday!

Cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine! I tried the chocolate one with pink icing and the pumpkin. Yumm. It's making me rethink my thoughts on the NYC cupcakes I wrote about in this post.

I'm working a bit this weekend and staying pretty low-key. I do have one exciting thing in store, which involves me getting a makeover of sorts, but you'll have to check back tomorrow to find out what it is! What's everyone else up to?

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  1. Hey guys! Here's the recipe from Camille. You haaave to try it--it's SO good!

    Mexican Stew

    Serves 4-6

    1 lb ground turkey meat
    1 package taco seasoning
    ½ white onion
    2 cans pinto beans
    2 cans yellow hominy (or chick peas)
    2 cans white hominy
    2 cans Rotel (or diced tomatoes, I have yet to find Rotel in NYC, must be a southern thing)
    1 small can of pickled jalapenos
    1 small can of diced green chiles
    Shredded cheese
    Sour cream

    In large pan, brown turkey meat with chopped onion (how much onion depends on your taste). After browning, add taco seasoning to meat – follow cooking instructions on back of taco seasoning package.

    In large, deep pot, combine pinto beans, yellow hominy, white hominy, Rotel, can of picked japalpenos (give or take depending on how spicy you like it) and green chiles. Do not drain anything from the cans--everything goes into the pot! Bring to a small boil and then add the cooked turkey meat. Stir all together.

    Serve with shredded cheese and dollop of sour cream on top. This stew goes great with jalapeno cornbread and a nap!