Sunday, November 8, 2009

How old are you? And how old do you FEEL?

Mark's birthday celebration yesterday was a lot of fun. The afternoon drinks turned into nighttime drinks, which inevitably turned into morning drinks. I was a little worried about how the cake would taste, and while wasn't amazing (I realized I got the wrong kind of pears, oops!), I definitely think it added a nice touch to the evening. 

So yeah, it's not the prettiest looking cake either. The chocolate chips gravitated towards the middle—I have no idea why. Even though Mark turned 33, he told everyone it was his 26th birthday. More power to him—everyone was certainly acting younger than they were anyway!

Here I am with the birthday boy. It was nice hanging out with all my boyfriend's friends—especially since I told you in this post that I really have been missing guy camaraderie lately. 

I'm turning 29 in a few weeks, but I certainly don't feel it. (Or look it, right?!)  Age ain't nuthin' but a  number, mmm hmm. I feel like a different age for different aspects of my life:

-Physically, I feel 28. My knees crack a little more than they used to, but yoga has fixed my sore left hip. I'm feelin' a'ight. 

-Financially, 23. Living paycheck to paycheck is not fun—I can't believe I've been doing it for six years. Ughhh.

-When I party until 4am, and wake up at 2pm with five different stamps on my hand, feeling like my head might explode, I feel 19. When will I grow up?

-50, when I'm home relaxing on my couch on a Friday night with a movie and popcorn. Waking up Saturday mornings without a hangover is the best

-Everyone my age seems to have a raging biological clock except for me. In this regard, I feel 18. I'm still selfish and confused—I can't be responsible for anyone else yet!

You get the point. Tell me: How old are you and how old do you FEEL?


  1. In a month and 1/2 I will turn 45 years old. I eat good, exercise and work out and I'm told I look ten years younger. I've slowed down a bit but not by much. I act like I am still in my 20's with a youthful spirit and sense of adventure (I am very responsible though.)So in all, I will sum it up by saying I am 45 but feel 32.

  2. I have worked against several attorneys who are surprised I am 28. While at first this was flattering, it has started to make me thing that I was just plain old for my years.
    Of course, Saturday night I found myself at a black tie charity event wearing "martini glasses" - sunglasses in the shapes of martini glasses - doing a line dance with a drink in my I am not sure what age that makes me.


  3. i love this post!! my friends and i talk about this all the time. i am 27, but whenever i meet someone, or someone references a person who is around 23, i inevitably think to myself "that sounds about right for me too" until i realize that was FOUR years ago...what happened there?!?

    i don't know if it's the lack of "settling"-no serious boyfriend, no serious career path, no house or condo or anything "adult"-or if i am just young at heart and always will be. i hope that's it! i don't even really have the desire to get married and become a grown-up anytime in the near future actually. my friends here have older siblings that are still younger than me! and i guess it doesn't hurt that i started dating my last boyfriend when he was 19...just call me a cougar!! :)

    physically though, i am starting to feel/see effects of age. looking at pictures from even just 2 or 3 years ago i can see smooth skin where there are now "laugh lines" and i definitely am starting to get gray hairs. eek. also, i fell down last weekend (typical for me) and actually broke my foot. i felt like i maybe should have been wearing one of those medical alert bracelets.

    but mostly i just feel young and happy and like i still have everything ahead of me. sometimes in the back of my mind i get a little age-panic, but i just shut that up with an alabama slammer shot and pbr chaser and get back to pretending i am still in college!

  4. Aww, I'm sorry you didn't love the cake! It looks great, though. Love the frosting. :)

  5. Joe, OMG, you definitely do not look 45. GOOD for you for taking care of yourself so well!!

    Shannon, I would have loooved to seen you Saturday night. Sounds pretty on-point with what my night was like. I'd say that probably makes you, oh...21 again. Feels good from cut loose time to time, doesn't it?

    MA, I'm so glad you don't feel pressure to be at a certain place in your life just because you're a certain age—that is very admirable. A lot of people make decisions based on what they think they SHOULD be doing, and then they end up being unhappy. I love your attitude! And OMG, I'm so sorry about your foot—that sucks sooo bad!! Let me know if you need anything!

    Lisa, I was being a bit hard on myself—other people that tried the cake said they really liked it. I do think that if the pears had been a) the right kind b) more ripe. I'm sure it would have tasted much better if it had come out of YOUR oven. Do you know why the chocolate chips went to the middle? My mom said to cover them in flour next time to keep from doing that, but I don't remember her explanation on WHY. haha

  6. Love the cake-lights are a wonderful touch! I will be 46 in a couple of weeks. I should take better care of myself, so the pounds started piling on a while back. Otherwise, I feel great, and most people can't believe I am not younger. My name, Julie, means Youth. I take that as a positive sign.

    I assume you are a sagittariun as well, so you must be an optimist. I think being optimistic keeps us young!

  7. Yes, I AM a Sag!!! Ellen means "bright light" so I guess we both have fitting names :) I trrry to be positive, even though I do get a little whiny sometimes!

  8. Yep, your mom is right. If you coat the chips in flour (just toss them in with your dry ingredients) they won't sink to the bottom. I think it gives the batter something to cling to.

  9. I've just reached the age where "You look so young" is no longer an insult but a compliment. 2 months away from turning 30.