Monday, January 4, 2010

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine...

Salt 'n' Peppa and Heavy D up in the limousine...somethin' somethin' somethin'...I let my tape rock til my tape popped...umm who knows the rest? Last night my boyfriend and I went to Brooklyn, Notorious B.I.G.'s old 'hood. I don't think we were anywhere near the street corners where he used to deal drugs, but things have changed a lot since then, so who knows, we could have been! R.I.P. Biggie Smalls. An.y.way...despite the freezing cold weather, we decided to venture out to Park Slope and try a new restaurant my friend Jenny has raved about.

As soon as we walked inside Franny's I could tell I was going to like it. It was quaint and cozy, and the pizzas I saw other diners noshing on looked awesome.

We ordered a couple of appetizers, and I joked with the waitress that this would be our "last supper." She didn't get it, so I had to further explain that our New Years health resolustions were about to start! My boyfriend got leeks with a fried egg and pecorino sardo on top to start.

And I got the lentil soup. It doesn't look too exciting, but it was really good and hearty. We had our share of alcohol over the weekend, so we passed on the drinks menu, but I overheard the table next to us comtemplating and waaaay overthinking their wine selection. The waiter (who might have been a friend) would bring out a taste of wine, and they'd give their review on it, and then try another one, then again explain why they did or didn't like it and whether or not it would "bring out the flavors" in their meal. Geeeze. Just drink the damn wine, people!

Sausage pizza with buffalo mozzarella--YUM!

We also got the spaghetti with lemon sauce. It was delicious, truly. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but it was so good, and the citrus flavor was unlike anything I had ever had on pasta before!

Ok, so this is unrelated, but I saw this taxi light in the subway earlier in the day and thought I'd post it. I actually thought for two seconds that I might somehow try to bring it back to my boyfriend's apartment because he collects all sorts of weird, I mean awesome, crap, but I decided against it.

So guys, it's Monday. Back to reality. Here are my New Years resolutions:

-Eat healthier more consistently
-Work out harder
-Read the newspaper more
-Go to church two times a month
-Take better care of my things
-Cook more
-Last but not least, FIND A JOB!!!

What are yours? How does everyone feel to be back at work?!


  1. My resolutions are similar to yours!

    -eat healthier
    - work out ( i don't add "harder" because right now I don't work out at all!!)
    - find a job
    - stop being so lazy!

    I hope i won't give up after one week! lol

  2. oh, you must try Northeast Kingdom! it's my fave, though I haven't been to NY in a little over a year, so I'm sure there are many more new places that have popped up.

  3. Hanging pictures on my wall
    every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl

    I love that song esp. this part:

    Birthdays was the worst days
    Now we sip champagne when we thirst-aye
    Damn right I like the life I live
    Cuz I went from negative to positive and it's all...good

    Just as we were leaving Loreley's on NYE the DJ also put on Craig Mack, which took me right back to my teen years...and all this sorta leads to my resolution: to try to recapture some of that effervescent faith and relentless optimism of my youth!

  4. One of the coolest bars I've ever been to is in Brooklyn. I don't remember what it's called, and I couldn't tell you how to get there...but it had bocce courts inside the bar!! It was incredible! It also reminded me of a library a rich person would have in their mahogany, big comfy chairs, and books on the wall.

    Have you ever been there? I was only there for a quick minute but I remember it being awesome!

  5. Aurore, you can do it!! I think the key to sticking to resolutions is not making yourself CRAZY trying to do them. Just slowly incorporate them into your routine, even if it means going on a walk or hitting the gym just once a week.

    MYA, I'm totally going to take u up on your suggestion! What type of food is it??

    Whoa, Rain, you are gangta and I love it. I used to know that song so much better! ugh. I second your NY resolution, love it!

    Hmm...not sure I know the place, Michael, but I'm def going to look into it—sounds sweeet!

  6. There is a bar in Decatur with bocce courts (Leon's Full Service) and now a bar in West Midtown (Ormsby's) with a similar set up. Of course it is 20 degrees here this week, so no bocce right now. Otherwise, 10 months out of the year in metro Atlanta, yard games at a bar are a go!


  7. rain-that is my favorite verse too!!! when i first moved to nyc, i lived on washington ave in brooklyn and they were actually filming the biggie movie! my roommate and i watched it when it came out and saw so many familiar things, it was so cool. that was pretty much the only cool thing about our neighborhood.

    ellen, are you catholic? i have been thinking about going to church too-wanna be buddies? also, after i have two working feet (one more month!!) i want to go spinning with you.

    my resolution is to make the decision to be happy and positive. i think i am a positive person generally, but i can let small things get to me. my mom always tells me that happiness is a decision and i am going to make this work for me this year!

    p.s. i totally think you should have wrapped that taxi thing in some sort of protective shield and taken it home!