Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love my current occupation: Fashion Bitch!

I've been doing a lot of heavy lifting and running around this week, but it has been SO worth it. Assisting Tiffany on this styling assignment has definitely been one of the coolest things I've done in quite a long time. It's been really neat seeing my buddy in action—using her decision-making and problem-solving skills—I've learned a lot! Not to mention, I'm watching her do her dream job right before my very eyes—it's amazing!

Susie needed 18 looks, so we brought lots of options. It was quite a challenge packing and unpacking the SUV each time. You should have seen me loaded up with bags on each shoulder and around my biceps—I'm surprised I didn't just tip over!

The infamous Food Network logo!

Being in the office was so cool. Susie led us to a room for the fitting, and she seemed really excited to get started—even at 7am! So remember the DKNY jersey dress we loved that I went to the stock room to find? Well, that was our first look and Susie didn't love it nearly as much as we did. Shiiite! Our next one was a Nanette Lepore suit dress that was totally chic (she wanted a business-y outfit for her first appearance on the show), but she wasn't 100 percent sold on it either. Strike TWO! I was a bit nervous on the shaky start, but everything else was just about perfect. Susie was so cool and down-to-earth, and just seemed really pleased with what we pulled together. As she tried on one thing after another she said, "Each thing I try on is my new favorite outfit!" That was music to our ears. Phew!

I was sad when everything was over—it went by so fast. I way too eagerly shook Susie's hand at the end—I hope we cross paths again soon! I was tempted to ask her for a quick pic, but I didn't want to be
that girl, plus she was running late to a meeting. Oh well, hopefully there will be a next time!

We had a few issues sticking within our budget, but we're working the kinks out now. Tiffany asked me to work again tomorrow and I happily agreed. I love working and being busy! I've neglected the blog just a bit more than usual, but don't worry, I'll get back on track soon. Until tomorrow...later, bitches!



  1. Ellen, slightly random question, but considering you are an authority on all things fabulous, I figured you'd have a good answer: What do you think is the ideal attire for a first date. Obviously it will depend on where the date will be held (in this case, a nice dinner at a restaurant), but are there some hard-and-fast rules to always follow? Thanks!

  2. Hey POH! This topic actually came up with a friend the other day. I also did a reporting assignment for Glamour about what guys like girls to wear on dates. Most of them said a cute/casual jeans outfit. I'd say keep it basic and let your personal style shine through in subtle ways—a cute pair of shoes/piece of jewelry, etc. I've also heard that guys like form-fitting sweaters, which is kinda random, but I guess I can see shows just enough, but has the mysterious element. This is a great blog topic...I'll consult my guy friends and do a post with their answers this week! Do you have any hot dates coming up???

  3. Good advice. I actually went with the tight-sweater get-up last week, and it seemed like a winner. It's just always tricky because I want them to know who I am (which is not always so dressed up), but impress at the same time! I'd love to hear it straight from some guys... so tough to get in their heads sometimes!