Saturday, January 16, 2010

Variety isn't always the spice of life

I'm constantly reading that you need to switch things up at the gym in order to "trick" your body and get maximum results, so the other day I went to a step class at the gym for the first time since college. It was an advanced class, but I'm pretty fit, so I figured I'd be alright. Plus, if you've ever seen me on the dance floor, you know I've got coordination. (Ellen fun fact: I can do the worm!) 

As soon as the instructor announced he wasn't going to repeat or demonstrate the steps, my confidence level dropped. He said, "I don't need to show you the steps anyway because you're the ones here for the workout!" Umm, based on that Santa Claus belly you're rocking, buddy, yes you DO need to do the workout!

I did fine with the basic steps, knee raises and hamstring curls, but everything after that was a blur. Quickly other steps were incorporated into the routine that totally screwed up my rhythm: the revolving door, back door, C-step—what the heck?! I was so lost and frustrated, and it didn't make me feel good that even the granny with purple hair next to me was keeping up. I didn't want a step class to defeat me, so I kept at it, hoping I'd magically catch on. I never did, so I left after 30 minutes and hopped on a spinning bike to finish my cardio workout. Fail. 

I suppose I'll need to find another way to shake up my usual yoga/running/spinning gym routine. Anyone have suggestions? On that note, I'm heading to yoga class now and then hitting the treadmill after! ha. 


  1. I have to say lift weights! It burns fat faster than anything. You WILL tone in like 8 weeks but notice results long before that.

    Instead of running miles, why not sprint the long parts of the track and walk the curve. Find stairs and run up/down many times.

    Jumprope, burpees,jumping jacks..

    I do Crossfit which NEVER allows us to do the same thing 2 days in a row but it's pretty intense.:)

    I'm here if you want ideas...:)

    It all boils down to diet though which accounts for 90%. which sucks:(


  2. I suggest a kicboxing class.... I always love those classes!

  3. Yes, Barbara, I've heard of sounds pretty intense! I used to lift weights all the time, but I got totally bulky, and I know it's bc I wasn't eating a very healthy diet consistently. I do lots of yoga and pushups/lunges/dips, etc. Maybe I'll hit the weights again when I get the eating in check!

    I haven't done kickboxing for years, MM, but that would be a good way to shake things up...not to mentiona good arm toner!

  4. Ellen~

    I'm sorry because I feel my comment came off like a fitness nut know-it-all. Well, the fitness nut part is true enough but I DO tend to go overboard when people ask for ideas. intent was just to throw out a couple other options.

    Kickboxing is FUN!:)

  5. Oh Barbara, no need for apologies, I didn't take it that way at all. When I ask for ideas, I really want them, so thanks for sharing!!

  6. I tried a kickbox class for the first time last week and am going back again today! My lats/arms hurt like mad for a while, so I knew it was working.
    And I am a step-aholic. I go to a crazy step class once a week where the instructor makes fun of people for messing up and the choreography is redonk. I feel like the mental workout is good for me, too. And all those revolving doors, turning L steps and straddles are good for your core because you gotta keep your balance. Try a mid-level class and see how that fits you. After about two weeks you start to learn the particular instructor's lingo and catch on. Lyrical L, "Pretty", mambo across the step, etc...

  7. That's hilarious, Shannon, the instructor makes fun of people?! Well I would have been quite an amusing sight then! Yes, I def need to go to a beginners, possibly a mid-level class next time. It's so frustrating when you don't know what you're doing!