Saturday, January 23, 2010

I got felt up by my yoga instructor today

Ok, so I know that you're probably wondering how last night went, but I'm going to make you wait one more day for the recap. I have tons of fun pics to upload tonight! 

Even though I sucked down several vodka-waters last night, I woke up this morning without a hangover. It must have been all that water I was drinking! I'm pretty proud of myself actually. I had a bowl of oatmeal and a handful of Tostitos for a late night snack instead of pizza and ice cream, and for breakfast today I had big bowl of Cheerios with a banana instead of a 500-calorie sausage and egg sandwich—I'm making progress! And I made it to yoga. I was so sore from my workout yesterday—yoga class, 50 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the Stair Master, sit-ups, pushups and lots of lunges—but I needed to do something active, and I just wasn't motivated to do any cardio.  

Anyway, I got some extra special treatment at yoga today. The instructor told us to raise our hands if we didn't want to be touched when she corrected our form—no one did, but I think I might next time! When I was in triangle pose, she ran her hand from my ribcage to my fingertip to help lengthen my arm, and grazed my boob. She moved my hip positioning in reverse triangle pose (it is so hard to keep them squared off!), and pushed my bum down forcefully when I was in child's pose. It was a bit much to say the least. Focus is important in yoga, but it's hard to maintain when the instructor is groping you in class! She's kind of a hippie and says things like "spread your wings like you're going to fly off into eternity" and "it's all about the journey, not the destination," so I suppose it's natural for her be touchy-feely, but I was not feeling it. Ahh well, I hate when instructors don't take the time to correct me at all, so I guess it's good that she was so attentive.

After yoga, I met my boyfriend for lunch at Supper in the East Village. It's one of my favorite restaurants!

The white bean/olive oil dip and bread is FREE and it is so delicious! I just had one small piece, but I could have easily eaten it all.  

Look how cute my latte is! Whoever made it has serious skillz. 

I got the vegetable platter—it is sooo yummy. I'm sure the olive oil the veggies are cooked with add a decent amount of calories, but veggies are veggies, man! Plus, I only ate half— I'll have the rest for lunch tomorrow!

I feel good about breaking my usual "I'm going to eat anything I want because I got drunk last night" habit. I hope I can keep it up! 

Has anyone else broke any bad eating habits recently? And how do you guys feel about super touchy-feely yoga instructors? I'd love to hear some stories!


  1. i think i'm on the CUSP of breaking a bad habit- totally disordered and i'm too embarrassed to say it here! =/

    i totally feel you on the "feeling up". i dunno- as a personal trainer, i feel it important to say like, can i touch you- if they're not feeling that (LOL) then i have to cue them soley through verbal and visual cues. i got tested on this very in detail. i think i'd be okay with the touchy- they'd have to be okay with their ear drums blown out- i am CRAZY ticklish and i scream with laughter. so.....did you do what i did yesterday (prolly too easy for you!)? coz my bum is CRAZY sore!

  2. ellen your workout yesterday is insanely intimidating! i'm lucky if i spend 30 minutes at the gym... how do you motivate yourself?!

  3. friend Cara and I used to be obsessed with this one instructor who was totally inappropriate without realizing it. He'd adjust your hips from behind while you were in downward dog, or give neckrubs during child's pose. (It would've been skeevy, but he did the same thing to the 70-year-old women in our class!) The best were his double-entendre mantras like, "Now move into warrior two...and take it as deep as you want." Seriously, we couldn't even look at each other while he was talking. But he was such a spacey hippie that it was acceptable. And dude had groupies -- his classes would spill out the door. He moved to Cali earlier this year and our chakras are suffering, LOL.

  4. No, I didn't end up doing your workout, Trayn, but I think I'll try it tomorrow. I need an intense cardio day, and I know it will kick my ASS. I prob won't do the weights, but the treadmill workout looked awesome...I'll report back on how it goes!

    Hey Sara! Yeah, I don't always work out so long/hard, but I had skipped two days in a row, so I really wanted to make up for it. I suppose that's one perk of not having a FT job—2-hour gym sessions! My motivation fluctuates, but I've decided that if I'm going to put in the time, I'm going to make it count. I'm trying to really enjoy the challenge of seeing what my body can do instead of just working out long enough to burn off the cookie I ate at lunch. Plus, for me, the workout goes by faster if I'm pushing myself instead of going through the motions. One thing I do when I want to do a good cardio workout, but can't find the motivation, is 10 min (sometimes 15) at moderate pace on the treadmill (5.5-6.5), 10 min hard on the elliptical (level 10-12 w/ various inclines) and 10 min moderate on the Stair Master or bike. The thought of "I can do anything for 10 minutes!" gets me through :)

    " deep as you want"...that's funny, Kara! Was he hot??

  5. Supper is delicious! I went there last week and got the balsamic codfish off the daily specials menu. It was a-mazing! Did you sit in the back room? They take you up and down a few steps, through a couple of rooms, you snake around a narrow wine room and then dine beside other people. I can't wait to go back!

  6. haha choose any treadmill one. prolly too easy! =D or do a jumprope one. that shit is CRAZY cardio!

  7. Hey Kelly! No, I've always either sat in the front or I want to see what this whole back room business is about! Love that place!

    Trayn, I doubt anything you do will be too easy for me. I have never run at anything faster than 9.0, and even then it was only for a minute. This is going to KILL me :)

  8. i always happen to check in when you have a yoga post! so funny that it was this topic too, because in my teaching workshop on this very day, we talked about adjustments and how to address people's varying levels of comfort with them. since i grew up dancing i am totally comfortable with being touched in classes like this. i'm curious what your other readers will say though about the good and bad ways that teachers have handled this in the their experiences!

  9. SKW, how can you read what someone is comfortable with? It's tricky because if the teacher flat out asks you, you don't want to be like NO! I guess you could just say "I prefer verbal instructions," that sounds nicer. Verbal instructions are harder though, right? I think it would be hard to be an instructor of any kind—it's tough thinking of the exact right words to describe something. Some instructors get a little tongue-tied, but I never hold it against them.