Friday, January 22, 2010

Do you lose or gain weight after a breakup?

It's been so long since I've gone through a breakup, I really can't remember whether I slimmed down or puffed up. If I had to guess, it mostly likely was the latter. We all know my issues with emotional eating, and the damage I can do to a bag of Doritos and a pint of ice cream when I'm drunk (I get thirsty for vodka when I'm sad). Remember this post? Yeah...scary. 

Some celebrities say they gain weight when they're in a relationship because they're just so darn happy, which I really don't understand because um, don't you want to look hot for your man? Anyway, Jessica Simpson is not one of those people. For her, relationships=skinny.

This is Jessica during her Nick Lachey days—I miss this girl! She is so gorgeous here it's kind of ridic. Actually, she might even be a few pounds too skinny. (I know, I know, celebrities can never win—they're either too fat or too skinny). I am a fan of hers (not really sure why?), so I'm going to refrain from getting super-bitchy about her current expanding waistline, but damn, it's getting out of control! 

Here's a recent pic of Jess post breakup with footballer Tony Romo and Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan. Homegirl is not looking too hot, and that outfit isn't helping matters any. It's hard to know what to wear when you've gained a few, or in Jess's case, 15 lbs. Oversized dresses and flowy tops can make you look even bigger, but I certainly don't think tight dresses that push your boobs up to your chin is the answer either. Poor girl.

So what about you guys: Does a breakup motivate you to hit the gym harder, or do you go into Jessica Simpson mode? And what are the best things to wear to camouflage a few extra pounds?


  1. Ellen~

    The thing is...Jess is still a size 6 even with the extra weight so she is FAR from overweight.

    Break-ups are so personal and painful, can't imagine having one broadcast for the whole world to see:(

    I typically get SUPER crazy lean and then level out when I'm happier. When i'm in a happy relationship I'll generally gain a few lbs...

    Happy Friday girl!

  2. I usually don't have an appetite after breakups and end up losing a bunch of weight. I'm not in a relationship but I could sure use a breakup right now to get rid of some of this excess holiday weight I'm still carrying!

  3. hmmmm. i think (haven't had a serious breakup or anything of the sort) but i'd be the type that goes into the gym to kill it and forget what happened. partially coz right now i'm like I"M GOING TO LOOK HOT since this guy i sort of liked kinda ignores me now. BAH!

  4. B, if she is a size 6 then I should totally put my foot in my mouth! I don't think she's overweight in the sense of the being unhealthy, but I do think it's a bit extreme with how much she fluctuates. I honestly can't imagine having the pressure a celebrity does to look good/be thin all the time, and maybe this is totally insensitive, but I just think well, it is their JOB. Plus, I know this is superficial and terrible to admit, but I like to look at pretty people if they're going to be splashed all over magazines and on the web. Jess is gorge, but you know what I'm sayin'. Even though celebs sometimes give me an unrealistic picture of what I could ever be, I do like seeing and I guess kinda fantasizing about it. Not sure if I'm making sense...sorry for rambling!

    LOL, Sabrina! It's all good girl, it takes at least a couple months to bounce back after the holidays.

    Trayn, what's up with this dude? How could he possibly ignore someone as badass as you are. I'm actually going to check out your blog right now to see what you've been up to at the gym! And I agree, I think I'd want to KILL.IT. too. Looking fab is always a great revenge :)

  5. I am still reeling at the thought of her dating Billy Corgan. I mean, what did they talk about? And he is, like...older, and creepy.
    Despite all of his rage, he is still just a bat in a cage.

    I feel sorry for poor Jessica Simpson. She is a beautiful woman who needs some hugs and some guidance.

  6. Ellen~

    The weight changes for her ARE noticible but i feel she is still pretty even in a heavier state.The photogs must relish taking crappy pics of her because Dayyyyyyyam! She can look so much better!

    You're right, she makes crazy money and keeping a hot image IS her job. On that note...I do NOT want that kind of scrutiny EVER!!!!!

  7. Oh I think she's gorge still, but I don't know, something about the outfit and whole look is just bad. It's LOOKS like she said, "Hmm, what would be the most unflattering outfit to wear?"

    And yes, Shannon, she does need a hug. I used to be a HUGE fan of hers, and I'm still rooting for her, but sadly, that won't keep me from calling her out on her weight gain to help address a topic so many people can relate to. Eek, I sound mean. Ahh well, I'm sure a girl from KY is the least of her worries!

  8. i dunno- the dude was pretty cool and then BAM he went (as he put it) MIA and he "got busy". and no replies to my nice comments on facebook. so yeah. i will exact my revenge with a shredded physique and make him rue the day!
    hhaahha. SOFT PORN in the morn. you should take a pic like that. it rocks. yeah, i'm gross.

  9. clearly I am not a big Smashing Pumpkins fan - it's "Rat in a cage" not "Bat".

    I think J Simp may have suffered some from Brittany Spears syndrome - you had to be super small for so long and when someone started to love you regardless you let it go...then they left. And there you were with a little chub and a hankering for cheetos.
    I think if she lost about 5-10 lbs and started to dress to embrace her shape (v-necks are great for showing of d├ęcolletage and elongating - think how cute she would look in a pretty dress and some strappy sandals with a nice v-neck and that pretty hair...sigh ) we would have the best version of J. Simp.


  10. that first picture is quite disturbing btw. Not sure if it is how skinny she is or that spray tan, sickening.

  11. I agree, SCS...she's just dressing all wrong. I've noticed she does that when she gains weight. It's like she ups the sexiness, but it ends up looking all wrong. I typically really like her style, I used to LOVE it.

    Yeah, Flip, I looked at the first pic again and it is a little freakish...too manufactured looking. She is a little too skinny, you can tell from her neck, it looks weird.

  12. i def work out more after a break up. i know i am a guy but guys are affected by break ups too.

  13. It's good to know that guys actually are affected by breakups. Sometimes it seems that they get over it SO easily!