Friday, December 4, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: I'm too hungover to think of something clever

Hey friends! Sorry for the late post today! Last night was my birthday party at Los Feliz in the Lower East Side, and it was off the HIN-GES, y'all. For realsy reals. Pics are a bit blurry, per the usual, but not for much longer!!!

Liza and I got there a bit early, which of course started making me anxious about when people would arrive. I know most people show up to parties (even their own) late, but I'm just not cool like that. Los Feliz is an awesome place to have a party--I highly recommend it! The atmosphere was really cool and there was plenty of room. It's fairly new--I hope people don't start discovering it because then it will get crowded and pretentious, and those are two things I just do not deal with.

Just as I was about to reassure the bartender that "people would be coming any second," Logan walked in. Phew! He's like a foot taller than me and always feels the need to slump down to my level in pictures. Look how cute he is with his messy hair (that's messy for Logan) and hoodie.

Cupcakes! I always get embarrassed when people sing Happy Birthday to me--I don't know why? I guess that's normal. My boyfriend got the purple ones for FnF. Represent. I didn't pimp my blog as much as I had planned though because I was too busy having fun!

I always feel the need to thug it out when I take pics with my friend Matt. I hadn't seen him in a while, so it was good to catch up. Of course though, you never get to talk to people as much as you'd like to on your birthday because you have to bounce around to everyone, which kinda stinks. I forgot exactly everything we talked about, but I do recall Matt telling me he went to the Lovely Bones premiere the other night. (Helllo Mark Wahlberg! So jeals). He gave me a full review of the movie, but I don't remember that either. Oh well, I know I'm going to see it regardless!

The best surprise of the night was my friend Dan showing up! He's so much fun. He convinced me to ditch the boring Pinot Grigio I was drinking and switch to mojitos. Umm, I guess I know who I should blame my headache on! Actually, my friend Kathleen surprised me too, which I was equally excited about. She's a pal from my last job (where I got the axe), so it was great catching up. And by "catching up" I mean gossiping.

Jenn, Nancy and Melissa: The Asian Invasion! So hot. Umm, Melissa, I'm having total hair envy right now just looking at this picture. I tried to hate you, but I can't--you're just too darn nice. (Hot and nice? Bitch. I kid, I kid). PS. Nance went to the Lovely Bones premiere too and actually MET Marky Mark. She said he was sooo sweet. Sigh

Here I am with Tiffany. She gave me the most thoughtful present. It was a book called Blessings, which is a compilation of personal essays written by a bunch of talented writers. I haven't started it yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be inspirational. Can't wait to start it--thanks, Tiff! (What I loved even more was the wrapping it came in--magazine covers! It was so cool!)

My friend (and FnF reader), Mary Allen, is such a trooper. She broke her foot and is on crutches, but still made it to my party and stayed until the very end!

The drunker I got, the more blog promoting I did. I put these FnF labels on my face and then stuck them on other people and beer bottles and..well, just about everything in the bar. I offered cupcakes to strangers and told them the only payment I needed was for them to check out the blog. (Hey people, you better be reading--those were some damn good cupcakes!)

I had such a fun night--thank you EVERYONE for coming! I'm not going to get all mushy and shit because that's not my style, but I really am so appreciative for all my friends who came. It means A LOT! Ok, enough of that. Now how should I deal with this hangover???


  1. Ellen, you make 29 look like the new 18! I wish I weren't so lame and tired ALL THE TIME or I would have made the trek down because it looks like I missed all the fun. Plus there were cupcakes, dang it!! :)

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  3. Sorry -- typo above (I'm so OCD).

    Looks like your party was wonderful! You deserve it. I'm marking my calendar for the big 3-0 next year. XOXO

  4. No worries, Rain, I'll keep u posted for the next party! ;)

    Oh lord, 3-0...let's not think about THAT yet. But yes, we'll have to party it up 2gether when the time comes!!!

  5. Looks like a blast! Sounds like the cupcakes and mojitos were yummy. As far as the hangover,just the usual, try to go to sleep as soon as possible so it will be tomorrow and the hangover will be over. I love your blog!

  6. Thaaanks, JKW! And yes, the cupcakes and mojitos were equally delicious. Surprisingly, I didn't do ONE shot! Strange.

  7. guess i didnt make it in time for the mojitos or cupcakes!!!

    i suggest curing your hangover with coconut water! Bonobos on 23rd and mad- across from madison square park has the BEST coco water!

    nice seeing you and happy birthday!!! xo

  8. I know! But thanks so much for stopping by! Our mini party on the sidewalk was fun :)Let's definitely be in touch in new year about my supermarket tour! xo