Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do you believe in magic?

I didn't, until my ol' pal Skooly showed me a couple sweet "magic" tricks over the holiday break. Exhibit A:

He somehow managed to securely wedge this beer bottle in a corner—I tried it and failed miserably. Ok, ok, not quite impressed yet? Check this out:

Do you see the concentration on Skooly's face? This is no joke—I was amazed with his skillz. There is no way in hell I'd ever be able to pull that dollar bill from under those quarters without them flying everywhere. I don't have the patience. Why do I have the feeling he's practiced this trick a time or two before though? 

So this will be the last time I apologize for blurry or dark pictures and videos—I got a new camera for Christmas! Finally! It's pretty high-tech and I'm a bit intimidated to use it, but since I'll wake up tomorrow morning without a j-o-b, I'll have plenty of time to figure it out ;)

Alright, well I'm at the Cincinnati airport getting ready to board my plane. I can slowly feel my anxiety increase as I anticipate everything the new year will (or won't) bring. I'm still hopeful though—at least I have the support of all of you! 

What do you guys think of Skooly's magic tricks? Do you know any?


  1. Skooly has always had layers and layers of hidden talents.. More to come Im sure.. I only go thome to Lex for less than 24 hours but I always enjoy it nonetheless.. Safe Travels..

  2. I'm down with knowing a few magic tricks for the bar, but professional magicians are one of my biggest pet peeves. Like, David Blaine Street Magic? It makes me want to stab my eyes out.

    What kind of camera did you get?