Thursday, December 3, 2009

FREE beer and a Barbadian cutie

I used to be really into music when I was younger, but I'm too busy to make as much effort these days to keep up with all the new artists, which is why I like the industry I'm in. By going to events, you can have fun (read: drink yourself silly) and stay in the loop with what's going on. My PR friend Heidi reads my blog (thank you thank you thank you!), and invited me to hear a private acoustic performance from a new Capitol Records artist, Jaicko last night. She knows how excited I get for free food and booze, and always jokes that it's the only reason I come to events. Oh contraire, friend.

Well, of course that's a small(ish) reason, but when Heidi invites me, I'm mainly going to see her. (Seriously, not kissing ass here--I don't even know how). She's really risen in the ranks in the industry, and she's probably one of the coolest and most laid back people I know. A lot of publicists are "on" 24/7, but that's not her style, and I really respect that. I admit, I kinda turn it "on" at times, but sometimes I just can't help it.

I got a funny look from the bartender when I took this picture, but who could blame me? Ice cold beer is a beautiful sight.

Here's Jaicko doing his thang. His first single was "Oh Yeah" and this song, "Fast Forward" is going to be the second one. I really like it--it has a fun beat and hellllo, homeboy's got mad vocal skillz. Singing acoustic is not joke, y'all.

I closed my eyes in the first picture we took together, and while this is a bad angle of me (who knew I had one?), I was too embarrassed to ask to take a third one. Jaicko was so sweet though--I'm sure he wouldn't have cared. Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier that he's from Barbados--I loooove accents! (As you can see, the birthday fairy has yet to get me my new camera. I might have one by the weekend though!)

Tiffany was with me, and we had a great time listening to Jaicko sing (yes, head bobbing and finger snapping was involved) and mingling with other industry peeps. Networking is another reason I go to events, obvi.
So tell me: What do you think of Jaicko's voice? And are there any new artists you're loving these days?


  1. Ooh wow I love this part - especially when the beat changes and the "push my buttons" business goes down. Oh, I envy you and your NYC life!

  2. Girl, if you're ever thinking about coming to the city, let me know and you can come to an event with me! :)