Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photo Shoot Saturday!!!

Hey hey, how's everyone's weekend been so far? Yes, it's quite late to just now be posting, but it's better than not at all right? I'll admit it—I made sleep a priority before the blog today, which is a rarity, but I suppose I'm only human, right?

Anywho, I need to start catching you up on what I've been up to these last couple days. Thursday night we went to a holiday party for one of my new favorite jewelry lines, Dannijo. Here's what went down.

The party was held at the designer's apartment. I saw this ridiculously cool bookcase as soon as I walked in—love it.

The apartment is also the Dannijo office, which is why this was on the wall. Neat, right? I hope I get to work out of an apartment half as cool as this one some day!

This was one of my favorite necklaces. Fierce. I love pieces that are so unique, that they totally make an outfit. 

Look at these pretty cuffs! Love love LOVE! 

The color theme of the party was black, red and white. I think I was the only person that didn't wear these colors, Oops. Look how cute these mini cupcakes are. I practiced a little self-control for once and didn't try them—surprised?
We got there early, which was perfect for me because I always take a million pictures everywhere I go—yes, even of furniture. I had total apartment envy—everything was just so damn cool...and perfect

I fell in love with this painting. I can't wait for the day that I can afford to start collecting artwork. Umm yeah, not sure when that will be!

Four glasses of wine later, we left the party to go to 675 Bar in the Meatpacking District. It was freezing outside, so we were happy to get a cab quickly. 30 seconds later, we got a flat tire—naturally—and our asses were back outside, trying to hunt down another cab. Not. fun.

I had never been to 675 Bar before, so I was excited to try it out. This was the entrance door—a lot of cool bars and clubs in NYC look like a total hole in the wall.

As we approached the graffiti door, I thought we might have to give the door guy a secret password or handshake or something—luckily, we didn't!

Here's Liza with Foster's friend, Ryan. We really wanted to show him a fun time in NYC, and I think we succeeded! 

Jenga anyone? The cool thing about this bar, is that there was something for everyone. You could play pool or board games, or tear up the dance floor. 

In this pic, Foster and Jenn are with my cousins, Katie and Chris. I love hanging with my fam!!!

I think this dude was taking a little nap. Why not, right? 

We had a lot of fun at the bar, but left to go to another down the street because it turned into a "sausage fest" as Foster said. The guy to girl ratio certainly wasn't idea for the boys. I went through a phase (that um, lasted like three years) where I always flipped the "bird" to the camera. I finally quit that habit, but started it up again that night! Yeah, not too attractive. 

I've gotta get ready to babysit tonight, but I'll put up a couple posts from the Jingle Ball event tomorrow. I had a ton of celeb-sightings!!


  1. ellen, you could totally make that painting! make some photocopies, collage 'em, and get crazy with craft paint. seriously, $20 bucks at Michaels and you too can hang art like that in your apt ;)

    oh, and those bookshelves are Expedits (IKEA) that have been painted and lacquered. also an inexpensive decor idea!

  2. NY is so much fun and the nightlife is amazing loved the post

  3. MLA, you're so creative! I am the least crafty person in the WORLD, but maybe I could enlist on of my artistic friends to help. And I never would have guessed the bookcases were from IKEA...they looked SO nice...good to know!