Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do you watch Mad Men?

Ok, so it might seem like a throw away post to write about my favorite TV show, but I can't remember the last time I was this obsessed with something. My boyfriend and I recently started watching the Season 1 Mad Men DVDs, and I can't get enough! The show is genius—I have no idea why I'm just now discovering it.

Some of my friends don't like the show because of all the infidelity that goes on, but I love sexy scandals—I say bring it on! So yeah, women weren't treated the best in the workplace back in the '60s, but I think it's interesting to learn about the way things were back then. I'm all for women's rights, but I'm by no means a feminist, so the lewd and degrading remarks the men say to the women really don't bother me. Don Draper could say just about anything to me, and I'd be putty in his hands.

The man has crazy sex appeal--there is no denying that. He has made me consider a career change to advertising, but why do I have a feeling that only Don Draper wannabes exist on Madison Avenue? And can we talk about the constant drinking that goes on in the office? Yes, please! I can only imagine the brilliant ideas I'd come up with if I was under the influence 24/7.

I recently got Liza into the show, too. She's not far enough along to see why Peggy is by far my favorite character (other than Don). It took me three or four episodes to get over her horrendous bangs, which I'm guessing is what Liza is struggling with, too. She's smart, relatable and charming in her own quirky way. Love her. I can't wait to see what happens with her character--don't spoil it for me!

What about you guys: Do you watch Mad Men? Who's your favorite character? And which of the men would you most want to have an office romance with? That's the thing, I'm really not into anyone other than Don. I hope a few more hotties come on board in the upcoming episodes!


  1. This show is epic. EPIC! I love it. There is a great writer who gives analysis on the most recent season at Silkstoneblog (or something like that...I always just enter it into my search bar and it comes up).

    I think the infidelity is still rampant (tiger?) and chauvinism is still an issue, but man it is better. It is because of the Peggys that I am able to be a lawyer now. Oh, and Joan is my favorite character. She is very tragic in the sense that she is SO skilled, but so beautiful. And she would be a CEO if she had been born two years later.

    And the show is style/design porn...
    LOVE IT!


  2. I LOVE Mad Men! It is so addictive. It is so well done, the acting is amazing. I love anything set in that time period, even with the negatives of that era, I wish I could live then. Don Draper is so amazingly handsome and sexy and manly, makes you love him even with all of his issues. I also love Roger and his sense of humor, also so sexy. I love Peggy's character too, I think Elisabeth Moss is such an amazing actress. Joan is also so fabulous, I love any scene she is in. It's hard to pick one favorite character, I also love the other guys in the office, I kind of also have a little thing for Ken and Harry, haha. I could go on about the show forever! So have you just watched the first season so far? The second season is awesome, and then the third is a little slow starting out but then so much stuff happens towards the end, you will go crazy! Can you tell I am obsessed?

  3. Joan would have been a CEO if she had been born TWENTY years later...not two. Two years later and she would have been the same.

    I need to proofread better today.

  4. I don't watch Mad Men...maybe it's because there aren't enough hotties:) Can we talk about who we'd like to bone from Lost and True Blood while we're at it???!! For me it's an extremely hard choice...Jack or Sawyer? I'm not a Bill girl but I'm an every-other-dude on True Blood kind of girl.

  5. Most of the men I have worked with aren't into women, so I wouldn't know much about chauvinism/infidelity in the workplace. It would actually be weird for me to work with a bunch of men...Shannon, how do u handle it? Have u ever dealt with uncomfortable situations?? Interesting you like Joan best. Yes, she is beautiful (helllo hair-envy!) and smart, but I just don't trust her--esp not where Peggy is concerned!!!

    JKW, interesting you like Roger! I can see it though. I've only made it to ep. 10 in Season 1...I'll post more about MM the further I get into the plot!!

    Eve, I don't watch either of those shows!! Anyone a Lost or TrueBlood fan??

  6. I jokingly call my BF Don Draper, cause he runs his marketing/ad/design business and is constantly jotting down new products, ad lines, and design ideas. he also sips bourbon and is tall and handsome, so obvs DD is my fave character. I'm oddly obsessed with how perfect January Jones is...

    I used to run at the Arroyo Seco trails, where they film all of the scenes at the stable and I have seen several of my fave LA bars in a few episodes.

    glad you're getting into the show!

  7. Ellen, I work with lots of dudes generally. It's the nature of the profession. Some older men still talk about the glory days of three martini lunches, as if I am supposed to agree with them. Dudes, I would have been some punk steno-pool chick and you would have had cirrosis.
    Luckily, my firm now has a hearty helping of (FABULOUS) female attorneys. That said, weird crap still happens. Most of the time you just roll with it and ignore it. Being overly sensitive will get you nowhere. Now if someone laid a hand on me...oh HELL NO!
    Being mistaken as a secretary or being told to run errands more appropriate for someone without a Juris Doctor is not that uncommon, but it is not that big a deal. Now having a superior tell you that he never noticed your eyes until you dyed your hair from blond to brown...creeptastic.
    Joan will prove to be more likeable as you watch. Just wait. Peggy's bangs will also improve.

    To address Eve's point -As previously discussed, I hate to love TrueBlood and I am ALL about some Vampire Erik action. If I were Sookie, I would kick sappy Vampire Bill to the curb and go for some hot, 1,000 year-old Nordic vampire action.


  8. Hi Ellen, I love Mad Men! It's funny that you were wondering how it would be to drink all day at work, because I recently watched a video about a group of women who work for a magazine and they decided to experiment and see what it would be like to drink all day like they do on Mad Men. It was pretty interesting--check it out!

  9. Oh Mad Men!!! I have to watch it on DVD because I refuse to pay for cable when I'm so rarely home but I am obsessed. I think Betty and Joan are my two favorite characters. They just struggle so much with who society thinks they should be and who they are. When they break out of the mold it's always such an intense moment.

    I like Don as well simply because of the guys I think you see he knows what he is doing is wrong but just doesn't know how to stop it. I don't want to get too much into it because I don't want to reveal anything you haven't seen yet!

    As for True Blood- Erik all the way :)

  10. I actually don't know Mad Men, well i've heard of it but it doesn't air here, except on cable tv.
    But I saw Jon Hamm hosting Saturday Night Live (a show that NO ONE knows here in France, but that i love sooo much). Anyway I thought he was great (and also hot!) and it made me want to watch Mad Men.
    (Then i saw January Jones on SNL, and she was awful in it but i still want to watch Mad Men!)
    So all those opinions here makes me want to watch it even more!

  11. LIS, that is so true about Betty and Joan. And I agree about Don,'s so hard to hold anything against him bc he truly is a sweetie deep down!!

    Ohh Aurore,I didn't see Jon Hamm or January Jones on SNL. Why did January Jones suck? I like her on the show, but I really can't imagine her being all that funny. You MUST get your hands on the Mad Men DVDs and report back to me!!!

  12. Well January Jones was soooo nervous that it was painful to watch. She's obviously not live tv material! But in the digital short she was great.
    But Jon Hamm was just perfect!

    I promise as soon as I get my hands on the Mad Men DVD's I'll report back to you! ;)

  13. Oh my gosh, Aurore, I'm so glad I didn't witness that! I would have been cringing the whole time. Yes, get on the MM DVDs so we can chat about it :)

  14. Ellen- are you aware January Jones dated Ashton Kutcher and his disbelief in her acting is what pushed her to do it. Hahaha, thought you would get a kick out of that!