Monday, December 7, 2009

I have a hard time telling my friends that I love them. Does that make me a stone cold bitch?

I hope not. I don't know what my problem is, but whenever a friend says "I love you" over the phone or in a text message, I have a hard time saying or typing it back. I usually just say, "You too!" or at the very most, "Love ya!" Like, when I'm on the phone with a good friend that I haven't talked to in a while, I know the L-word is coming. As the conversation wraps up, I get a little anxious about who's going to say it first. My internal dialogue usually goes something like this: She always says it first--I should this time. But, what if she hadn't planned on saying it? What if it comes out insincere? Shit, Ellen, just say it. It's your best fucking friend. Get a grip. Umm...yeah. What does this mean? Do I have a black heart? Of course I love my friends, obvi--so why can't I effortlessly drop the L-biggity bomb on them?

You'd think I wasn't hugged enough as a child or something. Sheesh. I do think though, that some people throw around the L-word a little too freely. I've had girls tell me they loved me (calm down boys, it was not sexual), and I just thought to myself, "Really?" I mean, I know you can love a lot of people a lot of different ways, so I don't even know why I take this so seriously--especially with my girlfriends. It's something I want to work on because I don't ever want to regret not letting my friends know just how much they mean to me.

Speaking of friends, will you be my friend and join the Fired 'n' Fabulous fan page on Facebook? And follow me on Twitter. And spread the word about FnF and...umm...that's all for now! So whatcha think: Is it weird that I have such a hard time telling my friends I love them?


  1. umm i guess i'm not loved coz NONE of my friends say the dreaded love

  2. Love among women friends is a touchy thing. I feel you on this one.
    I like the blog posts about adult girlfriend relationships. It is a tough new area to tred...makes me think about my adult female relationships.

  3. i agree with shannon-these are great posts, and not something people tend to discuss really. it seems everyone thinks female relationships should be easy, but sometimes they are more difficult!

    i always feel a little silly saying the l-word to my friends. not really the ones who are far away that i don't get to see or talk to that often, but the ones close by that i see all the time. but don't worry-i think there are a ton of ways to show your friends you care about them without actually telling them. actions speak louder than words!

  4. Traynharder, maybe all of your friends have the same phobia as I do!!!

    Glad you girls like this subject and can relate to it!! Any other friendship topics you'd like me to address??

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