Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Business cards for a biz-nas woman

Mornin' friends! How's everyone feeling today? On a scale of one to 10, I'd say I'm about a 5.5. I don't know why, but every time I come back to NYC after being gone for a while, I always feel a little blue. It might take me a few days or so to get back to my normal self and get on a more regular posting schedule, so please bear with me. 

Yesterday I received something in the mail that made me almost as excited as paychecks—my new, snazzy business cards! I ordered them online from Vista Print—they were only $25 for 250 cards, and the quality is really nice. They are white and purple with an FnF logo, of course. I wish I could show them to you, but I don't think sharing my personal information on the Internet would be the smartest idea.

I know that anyone can make their own business cards, and that they don't officially make me a business woman (if only it were that easy!), but it's still a nice feeling to have something shiny and pretty with my name on it. It will also be incredibly beneficial to have these on hand when I'm out and about networking—there have been too many times since I lost my job that someone has asked me for a card and I wasn't prepared! 

What about you: Do you have a business card? Does it make you feel a teensy bit special? 


  1. I have had my business cards for over three years and I still feel like a badass handing them out.
    "See, I am not making it up...I am totally a grown up."


  2. Yeahhhh! I'm glad they came and look all schnazzy. Now time to mail them out!

  3. Yes, Ashley, they look AWESOME—thanks so much for helping me with them!!

    Yeah, Shannon, I felt like one badass when I got my first business cards five years ago. I couldn't pass them out quick enough, haha.

  4. Ellen! I ordered some "freelance writer" business cards from Vista Print and got them for FREE- I only had to pay shipping. Plus they gave me address labels that matched. One of my temps from when I was a recruiter had them made up while she was looking for a job and gave me the details. I feel fab and in charge when I give them out- even if it's yet to land me a job :(

  5. LIS, I know! I wanted the free ones, but they charged me extra for putting my FnF logo on it. Great company though, I think I'll order stickers, etc from them in the future.