Friday, December 25, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Vintage Collis triplets Christmas card photos—Can you handle the cuteness?!?!

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm posting PSF before I go downstairs and open presents and eat doughnuts. Gone are the days that I scurry out of bed at 6am to see what Santa brought me! I hope you like these old school Christmas card pics my mom dug up for me—they're pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. It's easy to tell who I am—I'm the plump triplet with an intense unibrow situation going on. 

This is one of the rare times that our whole family posed for a Christmas card picture. My little hair wave in the front is pretty sweet, right?

Denim on denim is in style these days, but back then we had no idea how to put it together—hideous. I'm really not sure why my mom put us in these outfits or how on earth we agreed to wear them!

Foster's facial expression is so cute in this pic—that lil' rascal! 

Here I am opening a present with Foster. I wanted his acceptance so much when I was younger—I probably would have given him all my Christmas presents if he had asked! 

Ok so I don't think this was a Christmas card picture, but it was just too cute not to post. Look, I'm waving hello!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday so far! Which picture here was your favorite? I love the one on the white couch by the tree. Did anyone else have to take Christmas card pictures when they were little?


  1. I love the denim in front of the fountains near Rupp Arena. But the one of the whole family is great.


  2. Maybe that isn't the same fountains I am thinking of. Regardless. Denim and Family are a tie for me.

  3. Aww so cute!

    The denim photo makes me think of some clothes i had when i was younger, sometimes you really wonder how you could wore that!? But it's so funny to see photos of yourself when you were a kid, i love it!

  4. These are too funny. I love the unibrow! Thank god my mom never sent out photo cards -- no need to have a visual record of my 10-year-long "awkward phase." Oh and funny Liza was a gymnast! OMG, the grips are giving me post-traumatic stress right now. Bars are the worst.

  5. Shannon, it is Thoroughbred Park.

    And yes, Aurore, I'm seriously wondering what my mom said or promised me so that I'd wear that denim, so bad!

    Yep, my awkward phase lasted about 10 years just ended not long ago, haha. Yes, the bars totally freaked me out, but I was the most scared watching her hop around on that balance beam!