Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Did you send out holiday cards this year?

So instead of receiving paychecks (Where arrrre you? It's effing Christmas time!!!) or Crate & Barrel catalogs in the mail yesterday, I got like 50 (ok, five) Christmas cards from my friends--all of which included a recent wedding photo or baby picture. That is some grown-up shit right there. I love receiving mail (even if it does make me feel inadequate), so why I hardly ever send any is puzzling. Maybe I'm just a lazy asshole. In all of my adult years, I don't think I've sent one Christmas card to anyone. This year, the only two people receiving cards from yours truly will be my boyfriend's parents who live in London.

If I did send out holiday cards, this is most likely what they would look like. No one wants to see my face on a card--you see it on this blog enough as it is!

I thought this was pretty funny, too. Man, if I could send cards like this to all my relatives without offending them, I totally would. It would make things so much more fun! Maybe these negative feelings have something to do with the fact that my mom made the three of us wear matching outfits every year--until we were 14--for our Christmas card pictures. It was a total pain in the ass. Hmm, looks like I know what next week's Photo Shoot Friday will be!!!

What about you guys: Who's a mature adult that sent out holiday cards this year? And who's a big loser like me?? ;)


  1. *Raises hand* Just sent them all out today~ Complete with Santa and Baby on the front.