Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I bought boy groceries today. It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.

My brother, Foster, and a friend are in town visiting, so I made a quick trip to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few sniggity-snacks: frozen pizza (DiGiorno is the best!), Doritos, Fritos and Bud Light. Foster's a pretty healthy guy, but I know we'll be consuming a good amount of alcohol over the next few days, so I can't imagine he'll really want anything other than boy-food.

I don't know why, but I was pretty embarrassed buying these groceries--especially since I had just come from the gym. I guess I didn't want the cashier judging me. Not that she'd have any right to--she feasted on a big powdered sugar doughnut as she rang me up--but still. I tried to reassure myself that it didn't matter, but I just couldn't help but to tell her that the junk was for my brother who was visiting. She replied, "I hear THAT!" Phew, nice grocery cashier lady did not judge.

Tell me: Have you ever been embarrassed about something you bought at the grocery store? What do you usually buy for out-of-town guests? It's usually Wheat Thins, cheese and vino for my girlfriends!


  1. a couple months ago i bought a frozen pizza, pint of ben and jerrys, and some tampons. i was almost embarrassed.

  2. Some time several years ago I was loading up for a trip out of the country so I bought Midol and Immodium to have with me just in case. The cashier looked at me very sympathetically and said, "Drink lots of water."

    I buy most of my groceries at "Your Dekalb Farmer's Market", so there are seldom frozen pizzas involved (though one lives in the freezer at all times for emergencies). Pretty much everyone has their Kefir, grains, corn-fed beef, and cheep wine. There are folks that walk out of the farmer's market with crates of collards, so no one is doing any judging there.


  3. Totally. What's worst is when I have a cart full of the usual healthy stuff and then randomly thrown in will be a pint of B&J or some soda. Hee hee. I also wonder what my mail man and the UPS guy think when they are delivering my eight hundred (not really that many!) packages a week, lol, like that i'm some online-shopaholic.

  4. oh my gosh-the mailman! my mom sends me these vitamins-super reds. has anyone ever heard of them? can we discuss? i am scared to take them.

    anyway, they come in a box from a company called (i kid you not) "Purity Products" i can only imagine what my mailman thinks i am receiving every month....

  5. I haven't had to do this, I'm more the type to buy it for myself and make a joke to avoid judging. "Oh, this husband of mine, he really loves Bagel Bites and ice cream!"

  6. Mrs Muffins, I am totally the same way when I buy my pints of B&J. There's just something about buying ice cream that makes you feel like people assume you're going home to eat your feelings or something. haha

    I almost bought my bro Bagel Bites, twentyfifth! They are sooo good. I was scared I'd eat them myself though, so I passed :)

  7. last night i went to duane reade to get contact lens solution...and i walked out with two giant bags of lime tostitos (they were on sale--2 for $5!) and a six-pack of ramen. so if foster & co run out of food, just send them my way.

    omg just remembered: when a college friend was visiting this summer, we went into the same duane reade and bought forties, rolling papers, and a birth control test. the cashier found nothing odd or disturbing about this whatsoever.