Monday, May 10, 2010


Say it as fast as you can ten times and see what happens. Oh, right...happy Monday, guys! So I know this post seems random, but there are worse things than starting the week with Long Duck Dong, right?

I love Sixteen Candles—why don't they make movies like that anymore? WHY?!

So Saturday night my boyfriend and I went to Peking Duck House in Chinatown for a They bring the entire bird out in front of you and cut it into slices. It was pretty cool.

Add a little cucumber, sauce, and wrap it up into your own little duck burrito! It was yummy. I enjoyed my dinner, but I didn't stuff myself to the point of utter discomfort, which is so easy to do with Chinese food. Victory!

When we left the restaurant, we saw this barber shop across the street: Mei Dick. That's quite a good marketing strategy—in the 60 seconds it took me to get out my cam and snap a pic, at least five people stopped to look at the sign. Slap the word dick on anything and people will pay attention. I kind of want my bf to get his hair cut here just to see what it's like!

So, has anyone tried any new, interesting foods lately? And what is your favorite Chinese dish? I usually stick to the simple stuff—General Tso's or sesame chicken. Mmm.


  1. Ooh, I will have to try that place - I love duck!

    Haha at the Mei Dick shop. Something lost in translation perhaps? I remember seeing a Chinese restaurant in DC a few years ago named New Big Wong. Giggle fits ensued.

  2. Chinese Food is my absolute favorite! I am fan of either cashew chicken or orange peel shrimp. Of course Hot & Sour Soup and an egg roll with that delicious red sweet/sour sauce is a MUST! My husband always laughs at me when we got out for Chinese because I can pack it in! He is always like where does it go?? I really think I could eat my weight in Chinese!!

  3. my vegetarian eyes are hurting! OMG. shudder. Try Blossom next time! :)

  4. 很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油........................................

  5. Yes, try it Eatdrinkrun. It was good! And the atmosphere was better than a lot of restaurants in Chinatown.

    Haha, MHP! There's just something about Chinese can't NOT eat a lot. It's just too good! I'll have to try the shrimp next time, that sounds yummy.

    Sor-RY Elizabeth!