Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When's the last time you FORGOT to eat?

Ya know how celebrities claim they forget to eat because they're so busy? I always thought that was a load of shit (kind of like when they say they stay in shape by "chasing their kids around") until now. Things have been mucho crazy lately. Sorry I'm leaving you in the dark as to what is going on, but until I decide whether I want to (or even should) share, I'm going to keep mum. Sor-ry, I hate that. An.Y.way. 

Yesterday, it happened. I forgot to eat. Yes. I was at jury duty all day, which came at the worst possible time (don't postpone it, people!), and was working on a project on my laptop during every break—you get a lot of 'em. So I had a big egg puff topped with cheese and salsa with a coffee for breakfast, a slice of veggie pizza (I needed something quick!) for lunch and a pack of Snackwell cookies for a snack. When I got home from jury duty, I was working away at my desk and didn't even move from my chair until 9:30pm. That's when I realized Whoa! I forgot to eat dinner! Cooool. (Haha, kidding.) Since I had planned to go to bed at 11pm, I didn't want to have something too heavy, so I just ate the second half of a huge salad I had leftover in my fridge from dinner the night before. 

The old Ellen would have done this yesterday, but I didn't. (Insert pat on back here.) Usually when I'm stressed I stuff my face because I dunno, I feel like I deserve a treat—or 10—when I'm losing my MIND. I had urges to cheat, but I ignored them and just focused on my work. I'll know to be better prepared today with snacks so I don't go so long without eating—I know it's not a healthy habit to get into!

Ohh and remember when I wrote about eating speed? This pic of Takeru Kobayashi reminded me of that. I liked writing that post!

Alright, gotta get a few more things done before I head back to jury duty. If I wasn't so darn busy right now, I think I'd actually enjoy it—it's pretty interesting. 

So tell me: When's the last time you FORGOT to eat?


  1. This morning! Yikes...I normally eat breakfast at home, but I didn't because I was running late and had to vote (Georgia State Senate election for all the FnF readers in Dekalb county). I brought some oatmeal with me, but hadn't gotten around to it yet.
    Ellen, I am also a big Starbucks oatmeal fan, but that can get $$, so I like "Active Lifestyle" oatmeal from the grocery. It has less sugar, more "umpf", and some dried fruit and nuts in it. Worth a gander.


  2. Hmmm... So far that hasn't happened yet. I love to eat that I doubt I'll ever forget to miss a meal. =) Sounds like you had a super busy day yesterday. I hope today was a much better day for you. =)

  3. I can truly honestly say that I don't think I have ever forgotten to eat. I have one hell of an appetite! My mom always jokes (although it is a true story) that when I was a kid I would eat breakfast before I went to the bathroom in the morning!

  4. I NEVER forget to eat. I start planning my next meal before I finish my current one.

  5. If I am working on one of my video editing projects I will go from breakfast to dinner time with only a few cups of tea. If I am in the creative zone I sometimes go for about 8 hours without eating.

  6. i can't remember the last time i forgot to eat, though the last few months, 1 meal a day was a regular occurence. i would be running too late to eat breakfast, forget to pack a lunch, refuse to buy lunch, refuse to brave the weather to go buy lunch, and starve until i got home, then gorge myself on whatever was immediately edible--usually cereal. i'm glad those dark days are behind me.

  7. if i get super busy i can forget to snack or eat, but then i usually crash from low blood sugar and then over compensate.

  8. Shannon, I have never heard of Active Lifestyle oatmeal—I'll have to check it out. Is it sold at most grocery stores? I was on a Quaker Oats kick for a long time, which was great bc it was cheap and I could add as much or little sugar as I wanted, but I haven't been to the grocery in over a week because I've just been so all over the place lately! I need to make that trip though, or else I will be Boo Hoo'ing about being broke and no one wants to hear that...AGAIN :/

    Thanks, ChinkyGirl. I don't think things will calm down for another week or so, but I'm trying to better prepare myself so I don't forget to eat ever again! I doubt that will happen.The first time was a fluke.

    That is SO funny MHP! Too cute...I totally believe that :)

    Cuntessa, I usually do that too. I've been known to eat breakfast at 9 and lunch at 11 just because I couldn't wait!!!

    Jag, only a few cups of tea in between? Wow, that's some zone!!! But i can see how it would happen.

    Haha Flip

    Nadette, one meal a day?? Wow. I would be the meanest, bitchiest person on the planet if I was running on one meal a day haha. And yes, I've gorged on cereal several times. It's so easy to have just a little bit more...and then a little bit more..and then, Oops! you're starting at the bottom of the box! Glad those days are over for ya!

    I USUALLY overcompensate too, MA. I was shocked that I didn't this time, although it wasn't really possible bc I didn't have much in my fridge!

    Trust me, Carol, this is not normal for me. AT ALL. I doubt it will ever happen again!