Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On-the-Fence Fashion

New trends are constantly coming out (er, or being recycled), and there's always a few I'm on the fence about. Like, I know they are totally approved by the Fashion Gods and that I'm supposed to like them, but sometimes I just don't quite get it

Trend #1: Cut-outs and shredding

Both Liza and Joyann are sporting this trend, but unfortunately you can't really see it. They look hottt in the pic though, which is why I decided to post it anyway. The shoulders on Liza's dress are cut out and the back of Joyann's dress looks something like this:

Ok, so I'm down with these looks—edgy, but subtle. (Photo: Cheap Monday tank from Shopbop.)

But this? No thank you. If this is in style, then I will gladly turn myself in to the Fashion Police right this second because I do not concur. I guess Amber Rose is still trying to help Kanye prove to the world that he likes girls instead of boys. Give it up, dude, no one believes you.

Trend #2: Clogs

To clog or not to clog? That's the recurring question every summer. MK Olsen looks like a bum most of time, but she knows her shit. (I looove her and Ashley's line Elizabeth and James!) Hrm...

I got an email the other day about these shoes, FitFlops. Apparently they are biochemically engineered to help sculpt your leg muscles, improve posture and reduce back pain—which I have from time to time. These could be worth trying—if I'm going to start cloggin', I suppose doing it with added health benefits is the way to go! 
Trend #3: Denim on Denim

I've been testing out this trend for a while now, and I'm still unsure about it. I always think it's cool when I first put it together, but looking back now...ICK! 

And this is what walked down the Louis Vuitton runway at Spring Fashion Week. I love the afro, but everything else confuses the hell out of me. Whyyyy?

So what are your thoughts on these three trends? What others are you on the fence about?


  1. Not a big fan of the shredded look, but I am old, so that may be why. I do like cut-outs though.

  2. I am feeling cutouts, not sure on shreds but Amber Rose's outfit should NEVER be in style.

    Clogs.. not so much.

    Jean on jean - it just screams "Canadian Tuxedo" to me, so no, not a fan.

  3. trends usually take time to grow on me, especially when they are obviously recycled for a not so distant past. I can get down witht he cut outs, not so much the shredding. Not diggin the denim on denim, and def not feelin clogs. biggest trend not mentioned that i'm not diggin is the romper/jumpsuit look. i just can't get past the adult onsie look (sorry ellen i know you just wore one, but to each her own, right?)

  4. Barbara, I'm JEALOUS!

    I'm with ya, Emma...I like both, but def cutouts better!

    Seriously, K...Amber might as well have worn a sign that said TAKE A PICTURE OF ME! Anything for a little attention...

    No hard feelings, Nadette. I LOVE shorts rompers...LOVE. The only thing I hate about them is that I have to practically undress every time I need to pee! That kind of sucks..

  5. loving the clogs =)

    xx .sabo skirt.

  6. love the shredded look and denim on denim, but I can't stand clogs, i find them hideous.

  7. do we really believe that shoes can help get you in shape?! i am not sure about that...

    you know my feelings on fashion. i just never get it. but it seems like the shredded thing could be good for our budgets right? just shred something old that maybe already has a hole or a bleach stain (or a spaghetti stain as is usually the case with me) and voila! fashion!!!

    also, amber rose is disgusto

  8. Maybe not, MA, but I'm willing to believe it! Oh the lies we tell ourselves :) And yes, shredding is totally budget friendly. I have so many tees with holes in them that I can't wear anymore...time to shred 'em up!

  9. The ripped up trend can be just the right amount sexy...too bad I can never pull off the whole sexy thing

  10. I LOVE denim on denim, but I tend to just rock the dark denim skinny jeans with a light denim button down. It's my fav :-)

    Thanks for checking out my blog!! I love yours!