Saturday, May 22, 2010


Clap, clap, clap clap clap. I was a cheerleader for a YMCA basketball team when I was like 10, and that was my favorite little cheer. Why? Because it was the only one I could remember all of the words and moves to! An.Y.way. You know from this post that I love love LOVE getting little surprises in the mail, and LOOK what my friend Lorraine sent me yesterday!

It's hanging on my wall right above my desk—perfecto! It's so funny, when I first started the blog, some people thought the name meant that I was like FIRED UP about something. Angry? Pumped up? I'm not sure. But nope, I'm just straight up FIRED. 

But as you know by now, plenty of things do get me fired up. One being, that there seems to be so many people with fabulous jobs who just don't seem to deserve them. People with fancy titles who find sneaky ways to get other people to make them look good without even lifting a finger. Hate that. And most recently, I worked with a PR director of one of the fanciest hotels in NYC who was a complete mess—unprofessional, unorganized, un...everything. It just boggled my mind. I really try not to be bitter, but sometimes it's just so damn hard!

So what about you: What's getting you FIRED UP these days?


  1. I am FIRED up about being home from vacation (although it was great) and getting back into my normal routine!

  2. What gets you fired up is living a healthy life and being organized! Those two factors really make my life haha.

  3. I at first thought it was Fried and Fabulous. I thought it was a cooking blog. ;)

  4. That is Too Cute and Fabulous !!!
    I understand the feeling about people who have Fabulous jobs and don't deserve them. It is frustrating.

  5. Lots of things get me fired up Ellen, but I def have to agree with you on this one. People who are entitled and un-deserving of what they have. I'm really upset about how this generation of teens and 20 year olds are spoiled and entitled as hell. its ridiculous!

  6. MHP, I am a routine FREAK, too! That's usually the main reason I'm ever OK to even come back from vacay...otherwise it's so darn depressing.

    GMTAB, I could definitely use a lesson in both of those areas :) I tryyy, but I'm not as successful as I'd like to be a lot of the time.

    Fried and Fabulous?! Jag, that is GENIUS! Darn, I should have done that...I think it would have been more popular :)

    Thanks, Emma!

    Sadly, Nadette it's probably only going to get worse and worse! ahhh