Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Starbucks fairy is making it rain...on ME!

Yesterday I went down to my mailbox, anticipating to find a few bills and hoping for a freelance check that's way overdue. As I flipped through each envelope (my heart sinking upon realization that the check did not come, again), I came across a hand-written one addressed to me. I excitedly ripped it open (I love real mail!), and within seconds I was crying. In a good way. My friend Whitney from college who I haven't been in touch with in a quite a while sent me the sweetest letter. 

Her encouraging words touched me so much, and as I wiped my eyes, I felt like just maybe I am doing something that matters. Just maybe this blog and my journey to discover whatever it is I'm meant to do in this world is something bigger than I ever realized. 

My favorite part of the letter (aside from the words "skim lattes" of course) was this: "You inspire me!" Who ME? I inspire YOU? A-maz-ing.

Tucked inside was a gift card to Starbucks! Seriously, As I was trying to perfectly plan out just how I was going to use it—Shall I get two lattes and an oatmeal? No wait, what about three oatmeals and a latte...or a BREAKFAST SANDWICH and a latte, or...yeah, I was way too excited—I got an email from Liza asking if I saw the little red envelope she left on my desk. No. was another Starbucks gift card! This one was from my friend Thea. I couldn't believe it—two Starbucks gift cards in ONE day. Wow, God really does answer prayers. (Even the ones that sound like you're asking for Christmas presents!) 

Thank you friends so much—I can't express enough how your small gestures make such a BIG impact on my heart. And thanks to all of YOU for reading! Every comment and encouraging word means more to me than you'll ever know. 

Ok, enough of the sappy shit. I'm off to yoga, and afterwards I'm heading to Starbucks to focus on some serious work as I sip on my beloved skim latte. Tell me: What's the nicest thing someone has done for you recently?


  1. How cute is that!?! 1) Your friend hand-wrote a note via snail mail (which is still the most fun) and 2) You can treat yourself to some skim lattes!

    Last night my boyfriend cleaned up the kitchen while I was on the phone with my dad - and I didn't even ask him! Now that is nice.

  2. Ellen, that's the BEST! Seriously, Starbucks cards are one of the easiest ways to make me happy - but for one to come inside a handwritten note? Girl, you must have been flying high!

    Also, you should register your Sbux cards so that you can gain free wifi access and eventually free coffees - check it out: I registered one Santa gave me and I just earned a free coffee!!

  3. That was really nice! You definitely deserve it Ellen. Your blog is a joy to read.

  4. Hi there! I read your blog on a daily basis but never comment. I'm also an out of work magazine person--I've been laid off twice in two tears and am using my unemployment dollars to do a bit of traveling! Thank you for writing a great blog about things that matter :)

  5. ioooooh i want starbucks! =D

    hahha treadmill inclines /speed switchups make it bearable. outside running is the BEST!

    i don't drink regular soda, but i do drink diet sometimes- when i need some more caffeine . 4 aweek is better than 4 a day! i dont think its as bad as people say,as long as u dont drink TONS!or eat more just coz "you're drnking diet'

  6. I know, SCS, snail mail is the BEST! It makes me realize I need to do it once in a while. So sweet of your up is the WORST!

    Thanks so much, Blair, I'm going to check out the Starbucks rewards right now! Free Wi-Fi would be sweeet too!

    Thanks, Porsche—I appreciate that :)

    Hi Sunehra! Thanks for commenting. Let me know if you ever want to meet up in the city some time...when you're not busy traveling, that is ;)

    Yeah, Trayn, I let go of the "eat more/Diet Coke" theory a while back. Kinda like I finally realized I can't have that extra slice of pizza just because I went to the gym!