Monday, March 15, 2010

Ethan Hawke, I love you more than...

The only thing better than Ethan Hawke? Ethan Hawke with a Brooklyn accent and back tatts. Liza and I saw Brooklyn's Finest on Friday night, and I spent the first half of the movie confessing my love for him in not-so-quiet whispers. I'm surprised I didn't get shushed out of the theatre! I guess everyone else was thinking the same thing. Hotness.

He is I'm so happy he's made a comeback—oh how I've missed thee. This certainly isn't the hottest picture of him I could have chosen, but I like it because it gives off the ambiguous "no one understands me" vibe. I understand you, Ethan. 

I love Ethan Hawke more than:

1. Ice cream (Yes, believe it)
2. My American Apparel leggings during that special time of the month
3. Lil Wayne's robotic voice 
4. Waking up on Saturday morning and realizing I don't have any plans or obligations that day
5. My boyfriend's English accent
6. Skim lattes (Yes)
8. When a yoga instructor does ALL of my favorite poses in one class
9. Semi-burnt chocolate chip cookies
10. Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Channing Tatum, Mark Wahlberg, and Edward Norton (Sorry fellas, you've been replaced.)
11. The Housewives of New York, Atlanta, Orange County and New Jersey combined
13. Diddy loves himself
14. Someone mistaking me for a 24 year-old
15. Everything in Alexa Chung's closet

Ahh, unrequited love. I'm no stranger to it. Remember this post when I told you about my high school crush? Sigh. 

Tell me: Who's your favorite male actor right now and just how much do you L-O-V-E him?


  1. Not an actor...but I am IN LOVE with Peyton Manning...YUM!

  2. I don't know if you can call what he does acting, but I will always love, love, love Paul Walker (sorry Foster!)

  3. toss up between hugh dancy and trent ford....I just can't choose right now!!!

  4. "I spent the first half of the movie confessing my love for him in not-so-quiet whispers. I'm surprised I didn't get shushed out of the theatre!"- L M A O! oh ellen, i thought i was the only person who whispered sweet nothings to tv characters and starbucks double shots on ice. Glad to read i'm not alone in my madness. While Ethan Hawke doesn't melt my butter quite like he does yours, I have many MANY on screen loves. A few being Robert Downey Junior, Laman Rucker, Clooney (no first name necessary), McSteamy, etc. Unrequited love indeed...

  5. I actually don't see the Peyton Manning appeal so much, but you certainly aren't alone, MHP!

    And yes, Paul Walker is sexy. I'm excited for his comeback too, Sara :)

    Hugh Dancy has the charm thing going on for him...I totally see it, Beth!

    Nadette, I can't say I love Robert Downey Jr., but he gets extra points for personality...he just seems so COOL. And yes, who doesn't love Clooney?

  6. Elle, this is seriously the best list ever compiled. Amazingtown.