Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who would star in the screenplay of your life?

The other day when I was talking to my mom on the phone she said, "You know, I think someone should write a screenplay about your life." Yeah, that would be Mmm hmm..great idea, Mom. I gotta go... "And Sandra Bullock should star as you," she added without skipping a beat. Right. 

Don't you just love how parents support you when it feels like no one else will? Though, their opinions usually don't hold as much weight as everyone else's because they're supposed to think you're the best/prettiest/most talented. Like, my dad used to actually call me Sandra (Bullock) and Liza, Julia (Roberts). He even complimented by "beautiful knees" on a regular basis. My knees? Really, Dad? Bless him. 

Sandra, you're HIRED! Get ready for our acceptance speech. I envision it will be something like this, only we'll be in custom made couture gowns. 

So what about you: Who would star in the screenplay of your life?


  1. If you have nice looking knees, then you should show 'em off ;)
    I wish someone would tell me I had nice knees, I have big knees =(

    hmmm I think Sandra Bullock would be a great match for you.. For some reason, you do have something in common. I'm not sure what just yet

    I think though I would love for Lucy Liu to play me lol or Beyonce if I go back to my curly roots

  2. Well if I got to pick I would pick one of my favorite 2 actress: Natalie Portman or Ker Russel. BUT if we are going based on who we look like then it would be Hilary Swank. I am forever being told that I look like her. Even a cop, yes I was pulled over for speeding, said I looked just like "that gal who played the boxer in that movie Million Dollar Baby." (and yes he STILL gave me a ticket!)

  3. Tina Fey. Or so I have been told.

    I think it is more of an essence than an actual physical similarity.


  4. I'll take Jennifer Garner!!! Keep up the great blogs Sandra.

  5. Haha! Your parents are adorable! Great knees? Love that!

    My dad goes, "OHHHH! LOVELY!" each time i'm trying a new outfit and "Oh! You look beautiful today!" or "Ah! Fantastic!"- cute but that what parents are meant for!

    Who'd play me? I'll tell you. ME. No one can do more justice! ;)

  6. Have you seen the movie "why did i get married?" the woman who plays angela, Tasha Smith i think is her name, she would play my life story. She's from my hometown, and let's just say i'm a toned down version of her character, angela. lol

  7. Johnny Depp because we look so much alike. OK maybe not, but he's an awesome actor.