Monday, March 29, 2010

Do you play a social sport?

One thing I loved about being with Court all weekend is that she is really active just like me. Most of my NYC friends are more into shopping and binge drinking than running or sports, but hey, that's what makes the world go round, right?!

Saturday we hit the tennis courts. I haven't even held a racquet in at least ten years, despite my mom's constant encouragement to take up a "social sport." Court's a pro, so I asked for a couple pointers before we got started. Check out the vid!

Ok, so looking back at it, I don't think I was quite so stylish, but it turned out I had more skill than I had anticipated, so that was good at least. We kept a volley (is that the right term?) going pretty smoothly until I'd randomly decide to lose control and whack the ball over the fence. This happened more than a few times, but Court insisted I was "really good"....for a beginner.

Umm yeah, did I mention Court is SIX MONTHS preggo? I don't even look this good when I have a food baby. Fail.

I had a lot of fun playing tennis, even though my technique has quite a lot to be desired. I think I've found my social sport, y'all! I can totally see myself getting competitive with it too. (You wanna step to this Ramona? Invite me to play a game on the next season of The Housewives of New York and see what happens.) Now all I need is a buddy in NYC to battle me on the court. Who's down?! I'm open to free lessons too ;) Ohh, remember this workout sesh I had with Serena Williams? Call me, girl!

So tell me: Do you play a social sport like tennis or golf? Are you on a sports team? If not, has there been something you've been wanting to try? Just DO IT!


  1. I have friends that play tennis in a very competitive league in the ATL and they love it. Since you are a natural athlete, you should totally go for it.
    I am not coordinated, so tennis is out for me, but I am starting to play golf. I did play in a kickball league for a few seasons, which wasn't so much athletic as it was social. I had a great time and met some cool (read: non lawyer) people.

  2. I love tennis so much! And I love all your comments on Glamour! Keep 'em coming!

  3. I was on the track team...which I LOVED! But I would love to play tennis because Keith and I want to play together!!

  4. Cute video and outfit! I love squash! I can't get enough of it actually. My friend Michelle and I play to destress and catch up and end up totally exhausting ourselves in the process.

  5. thank you for stopping by my blog! i have been thinking of taking up tennis-have not played in years but i think i may try again :)

  6. i don't play any social sports, but i have tried. i've heard that there a bunch of tennis courts in baltimore, but i haven't the slightest clue where, and then i still wouldn't have anyone to play with cuz none of my friends were dumb enough to move here. but i'm determined to take a whack at it at some point in the summer. and i heart the driving range, but refuse to play a game of golf. now i just gotta get some golf clubs...

  7. Ohh kickball! Was beer involved, Shannon? I'd love to be on a kickball team. I know there are leagues here too...need to look into that!

    Hi DB! Thanks for stopping by :)

    You should do it is fun AND a great cardio workout. I was surprised by how out of breath I was almost the entire time. I loved it!

    Yes, I can see how whacking the hell out of a ball is a good stress reliever, Kim!

    Hi FitandForty! Yes, definitely give tennis another's a great way to get in "fun" exercise, especially when you're on vacation. I heard it burns 400-500 calories an hour. Not bad at all.

    Nadette, I like the driving range too! I'm good at hitting balls when I don't have to worry about them landing in a certain spot. An actual game of golf is a whole other story!