Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mariah Carey: Can you spot the levels of fugliness?

Ok, so I had made an executive decision not to do an Oscars fashion post because I knew everyone else would, but this shiteous photo of Mariah Carey keeps popping up everywhere, and I feel compelled to break my silence. Can someone please tell me how a multi-MILLIONAIRE can get it so wrong? It looks like she went shopping at Cache (does anyone remember this store at the mall?) for the biggest night in Hollywood.

I actually feel a little bad ripping into Mariah like this because she's really talented. The girl can sing. I even love her song "Obsessed," which is about my boy Eminem. (And you KNOW from this post how I feel about him.) I also kind of don't hate her husband, Nick Cannon. I interviewed him one time and he was surprisingly cool. (A little toolish, but cool nonetheless.) When I first met him, he complimented the Mr. T chain necklace I was rocking and gave me a fist pound. He was also an open book about pretty much everything, which is every reporter's dream. I mean, he kinda has to be if he wants to stay on anyone's radar, but still. I digress.

For these reasons, I am doing to let you do the rest of the smack talking. Hmm...I spot one, two, three...SEVEN levels of fugliness here. What about you? What's wrong with Mimi's Oscars look?


  1. Totally agree.
    I'm loving your blog.
    I'll definitely be following.

    Check out mine. I think you'd especially love it:


  2. She needs to file a restraining order against her stylist. Did she forget to get it fitted? And why does she look like she's going to a Jersey prom in 1987?

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again..Money can't buy taste!

    It should, however buy a good stylist. She has NEVER EVER looked classy in my opinion regardless of how talented she is. The slutty factor just brings her star quality down:(


  4. OMG, a Cache reference? Love it! I once tried on a prom dress at Cache and I was super freaked out because the fitting room was behind the three way mirror. Classy!

  5. I wish i could say more than already said here- i'm just thinking of what she's thinking as she receives flak YET AGAIN from everyone who is anyone and who isn't, and it makes me want to spare her. Which woman wants to be told she doesn't look beautiful?

  6. I know I know, Warrior, now I'M the one being a bitch! I guess I'd have more sympathy if she didn't have such a diva-ish rep. I've heard stories. PLUS, gaining weight is one thing...happens to the best of us. But, how do you have such bad taste? ALL the time. It's not that she's not beautiful, but she just makes HORRIBLE choices.

    Glad someone else knew my Cache reference, Rosemary :) I actually bought my senior year prom dress from there. It was ivory with these weird pink flowers all over. I also wore my hair in corn rows. Yikes.

    Seriously, Barb. She is such a huge star, but she just doesn't LOOK like one.

    Kara, I'm thinking her stylist WILL get fired after all the bad press she's been getting!

    Hi Boyfriend Shopper! Heading to your blog RIGHT NOW!!

  7. Well, I don't like the dress at all, but I don't think it's the worst I've seen.

  8. that she's not in teens going to a high school dance!

  9. I love Mariah Carey and wish she'd learn how to dress.

  10. This WAS horrible...I felt like saying HELLO BOOBS!!! Okay...we know you have them...but I don't need to see them! Really!!!

  11. I REALLY miss the "Hero" Mariah. She got that divorce and lost her F'in mind. I'm tired of the butterfflies, the clothes that are 2 sizes too small and inappopriate for her age, and just HER! Uggh.. so disappointed.

    And am I the only one who thinks that she is too old to be singing the nonsense on her most recent album?! That's why it didn't sell!

    Ok. I'll stop ranting on your blog now.

  12. I am worried that I am about to see what her waxer sees. The color is good for her, but that is where the good stuff ends.

    Poor Mimi.

    I have foolishly purchased a dress at cache as recently as 2005. It was a black halter cocktail dress. I made the mistake of keeping it in the HOT PINK plastic bag and was made fun of by a near-stranger at a hotel for it. The dress is in the pile to go to goodwill now.