Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is this REAL LIFE?

We live in a world where starting a blog can lead to book deals and TV shows, or in this mom's case, earning 40k...a month. And look at Susan Boyle--her Britain's Got Talent performance was the number one most watched video on YouTube in 2009, which resulted in an album deal and worldwide fame. And two eyebrows. The second most popular? See below.

I'm sure by now everyone has seen this (except for my mom maybe!), but it cracks me up every time I watch it, which is a lot. "Am I going to feel like this forever? Is this real life?" Sadly, no...and no, kid. Over the last year, David's family has made BANK from this little trip to the dentist. While the family has been overwhelmed with support, some people think it was wrong for David's dad to put the video on YouTube for the world to see. Child exploitation? I think not. It's harmless. Plus, David is loooving the attention. He's a "ROCKSTAR!" Check out this recent interview here. I kinda liked him better on pain killers, but whatever.

Yes, some people are obnoxious in their self-promotion/money-making ventures, but I love how these types of success stories give me the feeling that anything's possible if you put yourself out there. While I'd be thrilled to just get a full-time job right now, the possibility of something BIGGER happening one day keeps me going.

How do you feel about people gaining fame and fortune all over the internet? What's been your favorite success story? Least favorite?


  1. I love the idea of someone posting something for the sake of sharing a funny moment or having a little fun and being launched to modiocre fame. I'm not current on the latest successes so I won't comment about that. It would certainly be cool to do something I enjoy - like blogging - and make even a couple dollars off it now and again, but I do it more because I enjoy it.


  2. More power to them! Everyone deserves their shot! :)

  3. Yeah, but next thing you know they'll be claiming he flew off in a big silver balloon.

  4. I know, Kim—I guess everyone's entitled to their 15 minutes of fame! Can't wait till we get ours :)

    LOL, SAW! :)