Saturday, March 27, 2010

Airport Style: Take 3

Hellllo from South Carolina! So, yesterday I woke up at 4am to catch a 7am flight. To make a short story shorter, my flight got canceled, and I was rebooked for another flight...TWICE! I had to go through hell to get everything sorted out, but I ended up getting an even better flight than I had in the first place! Umm, the fact that I lied and said I was in a wedding and had to make it to a rehearsal dinner that might have had something to do with it ;) 

Anyway, I was pretty amazed how pulled together some girls were that early in the morning. I guess that's New York for ya! I didn't get all the pics I wanted because I was too busy trying to sort out my flight situation, but check out this chick.


I liked her bag, too—she's kinda got the military trend going on.  (So into that right now!) My luggage on the other hand, is so embarrassingly UNCOOL. 

I didn't have a traveling companion to take any full-length pics of me, so I decided to do a little photo shoot on the plane!

I can only imagine what the two men I was sandwiched in between thought about my little photo sesh. Snapping pics for the bloggy blog has become so second-nature to me that I don't even realize I might be doing something a bit weird until after the fact!

This hat I got from Urban Outfitters was a lifesaver. There's really nothing cute about me at 4am, but at least I don't look like a total slob.

Alright, it's time to get ready for the baby shower! But tell me: What's your go-item you throw on when you want to look stylish without the fuss? And have you ever told a lie like I did in order to get on a flight?


  1. Love the fedora! Hats really are life-savers for style minus fuss. I have a newsboy-style cap I bought in London for bad hair days, and I couple that with hoop earrings and a pretty scarf when I don't have time for anything else. Have fun on your mini-vacay!

  2. So cute! I am always a hot mess when I travel. Lounge pants and flip flops...embarrassing.

  3. I always look shocking when catching a plane...due to baggage restrictions and my tendency to over-pack, I wear around and about five layers and have to waddle through's worth it to have outfits to choose from though!

    Love love love,



  4. how much do i love that you lied abt being in a wedding? lol. that's so great! by default, i am normally "pulled together" when i fly b/c i am always headed to see friends and there's no time to get dolled up when i land.

    you in your fly fedora looks just as pulled together as the girl in the military inspired look :)

  5. I never look cute on airplanes! Pretty much cause I want to be as comfortable as possible, so I'm usually in leggings! Wah wahhh.

    I've never lied to change my flight or anything... but since we're taking our honeymoon this summer, we'll be telling everyone just that, so hopefully we get free stuff!

  6. If I need to go out and I'm not looking too good, I always go for lipstick and a hat. I have a big collection of hats and they always serve as a distraction to people so I don't get asked 'how are you', or get told that I look tired.... like I need to be told that.


  7. my stylish go to item is this grey sweater/jacket that folds over itself rather than have buttons. it instantly classes up anything i'm wearing, including my pumas with my work pants (i walk to work, don't judge me!). i've been trying to wear hats, because having dread locks is great 80% of the time, and 20% of the time i get lazy let myself GO. but i haven't found a hat that works for me, and i hate rocking the "soccer mom" baseball cap.

  8. Kim, I have a bad hair day pretty much EVERY time I'm in London. Every time I go out of the country, even the state sometimes, my hair bugs out. The rainy weather certainly doesn't help either!

    Thanks, Carol :)

    Slightly Undone...I've been known to bust out the flip flops and sweats on many flights..I'm right there with ya!

    Ha! So true, Erin. I always get mad at myself for overpacking, but I know I'd be even more mad at myself if I didn't have the options!

    I'm a leggings girl, too, Lacey. I had them on in this pic...with my Converse kicks! Have so much fun on your honeymoon--hope u get LOTS of free stuff!!

    Seriously, FG, I HATE when people tell me I look tired. Or umm...that my hair looks dry. Like..really? UMM, THANKS!

  9. Sounds like a cute jacket, Nadette. Where did u get it?

  10. Ellen, I got the sweater at Express during the christmas sales. It didn't look like much on the table, but when i put it on it was love. and its mostly wool, so its nice and warm. I layer it under my peacoat most days