Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are you stressed about bikini season yet?

I wouldn't say I'm stressed yet, but I'm sure as hell thinking about it. I just booked a trip with friends to the Southhampton for Memorial Day weekend, so that gives me exactly two months to get it in CHECK. I've never been to the Hamptons, but I can only imagine that everyone struts around showing off their rock hard bods, wearing as minimal clothing as possible. I'm going to try hard though, not to think about my deadline—that could get me in trouble. If I put too much pressure on myself, I'll most likely lose a lot of weight (and by "a lot" I mean three pounds) in the next few weeks and gain it all back and more right before my trip. It's happened before and it SUCKS. 

If I could have any body in the world, it wouldn't be Kim Kardashian's. I certainly wouldn't complain 'cause momma's got bangin' curves, but the thing I'm most envious about is her ability to look red carpet ready at ANY moment—even on a windy boat. She's always perfectly pulled together, and her long locks are beyond gorge. I mean, is this REAL LIFE? Haha. 

There's that infamous boot-ay! I love catching celebrities eat, especially in bikinis. What is that? A mango? A Twinkie? Mmm. 

What about you: Are you stressing about bikini season yet? Do you do anything extra to kick in into gear?


  1. So stressing. I'm due on June 22nd so I feel like this bikini season is going to be a washout. UGH. (Come to the beach with me...I'll make Kim K look like a waif!) By the time I'm back in shape it'll be Labor Day, so I'm just hoping the beach weather lasts into October this year. I should probably give in and invest in a cute one-piece -- is that an oxymoron?

  2. i'm not stressing. but i am AWARE of the impending beach season, and trying to prepare. i'm spending two weeks in spain in july--and you know how everyone in europe is like a size 0 and wear thong bikinis--so like i said, i'm aware and preparing--but not stressing. yet

  3. Yes! Not to toot my own horn but if I would work really hard at it I could have Kims body since Im Latina and have similar curves like her and my bf say he feels like he has his own Kim K lol anyways im stressing, I should def work harder! And have fun at the Hamptons Im jealous!

  4. I try not to stress about bikini season. I mean really who am I trying to impress? My husband? Well he has already seen all my goods and obviously he aint complainin! (haha) No seriously though I tend to be a tad insecure at the lack of my chest (A cups baby) but overtime I have just learned to accept it and embrace it. I try to remember why I like having a small chest. 1. A bra is typcally not cool! 2. I am a runner and big boobs would slow me down!

  5. Don't stress so much.
    I'm sure you all look very sexy.
    I'm just wondering if you all shave/wax more in the summer than in the winter....

  6. I'm not stressed over the bikini, it's the Brazilian I'm dreading.

    That wasn't too creepy was it?

  7. More worried about the super paleness than the body really.

  8. But Kara, at least you have an EXCUSE! Your post-preggo bod last summer was awwwesome.

    Oh yes, Nadette. I was in Spain last summer. You pretty much won't fit in if you're not half-naked at all times.

    What a great way to look at your least favorite body part, MHP! I agree, boobs and running just don't mix! I feel like I never have the right sports bra.

    Ha, Ron...umm....I think most girls would say YES to that one.

    Ahh, maybe just a little creepy, Christopher, but that's OK. I like your effort :)

    Well, Aim, you can definitely do something about that! I'm soo pale too...spray tanning is too damn expensive!

  9. If ihave to do half naked to fit be it! bring on the short shorts, micro minis and halter tops. ironically, may bikinis are always modest, ful coverage bottoms and halter like tops (mostly because i hate string bikinis)