Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suburbia: The land of garage sales and craft stores

In my last post, I talked about having a "normal" life. Being in South Carolina over the weekend totally made me crave one. Courtenay and I woke up Saturday morning and headed over to the garage sale across the street with our mugs of coffee. A garage sale?! Yipeee! We chatted with the neighbors and made small talk about basketball and the weather. It was sweet.

I don't even remember the last time I went to a garage sale. Buying other people's shit really isn't my thing, but it was fun nonetheless. I was just content ya know, doing something normal.

These hair bow holders were the only things that interested me besides the Dora The Explorer books. (Lord knows why? I found myself wishing I had a little person to buy them for.)

And then we hit up Hobby Lobby. I liked saying it, Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lob...right. It's kind of like a Michael's, only a bit more gangster. Court filled her cart with really important things like plastic Easter eggs and ribbon with ladybugs on it ;)

Ahh fun times. What's your favorite thing about being in the 'burbs? Cruising Walmart? Strip Malls? Here's what I like to do when I'm home in Kentucky.


  1. I had a hair bow holder when I lived in Mississippi (before moving to KY where I showed up at Morton Middle School looking like a TOOL with my big bows).

    I hadn't thought about that thing in 4eva.

    However, as bougie, yuppie scum, I do not like anything about the burbs. That's right Atlanta OTP...talkin' bout YOU!
    Well...I do like outlet shops.

    What is your definition of "the burbs?" because I thought I heard you say you were in Columbia, SC. I was born there, and it is a huge metropolitan area with lots of neighborhoods that are nice. I don't think of it as suburbia, rather as more "REAL" America when compared to a huge city. For a definition of what I think of as "The Burbs" please see: OTP Atlanta, Northshore Chicago, all of Connecticut.

  2. Oh my goodness... garage sales? I haven't done that in so so so long. What I love about the burbs- living on a levee, the trees, having lots of speed bumps.

  3. Garage sales ROCK! I love them! I always go out for my Saturday runs and come home to report on anything of interest. Once while out on a run there was a sale going on and they were selling a deep freeze. We wanted one for our garage so I stopped asked them to hold it and promised to return. I literally spinted the 7 miles back home, grabbed my husband and we got the freezer!! SO fun!

  4. You know, I LOVE garage sales. It's not the sales themselves, sometimes those skeeve me out big time, but it's the possibility that you might find that ideal vintage lamp you've been lusting after or old fifties table or something. Usually though, you find broken toys and chipped crockery. Hmmmm. No.

  5. i don't live in suburbia anymore-more city like right now.....but when i did i liked the garage sales too-what an adventure!

  6. being from camden, NJ, i'm an urbanite, HOWEVER being from SOUTH jersey means my true suburban indulgence in strip malls. they're EVERYWHERE in south jersey. i live in baltimore, i long for strip malls being lined up in a pretty rows on the same stretch of local highway. sigh, maybe i should move back home..NOT

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