Friday, March 12, 2010

Lunching: Bugs Bunny style

Remember this post when I asked what you'd pick if you had to choose between pizza and veggies? Well today for lunch I had both. Lately I've been trying to really tune into what I'm craving so I can feel satisfied after every meal. If I eat something and don't enjoy it, things get ugly—1,000 calories later and I'll still be trying to find something that hits the spot. 

I was in the mood for pizza (when am I not?), but instead of hitting up my usual place down the street for a cheese slice, I made my own healthier version. On top of a whole wheat pita I loaded on Hunt's tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, cheese and chicken. I cooked it until it was really crispy, and it was even yummier than I had expected! 

And you might remember from this post that I'm a super-speedy eater. After I inhaled the first piece of pizza, I grabbed some carrots to help slow me down a bit. Crunching between bites prolonged the meal, which I easily could have finished in under two minutes. I've used this trick a few times and it actually works!

Who else likes to make their own pizza? And do you have any effective tricks that help you with your bad eating habits?


  1. I love to make my own pizza! Haven't done it in a long time though, but I've been craving it a LOT lately.

    Most of my bad eating habits stem from boredom eating, or waiting too long between snacks and ending up ravenous. I try to keep healthy snacks with me at all time, and when I KNOW that I'm just bored and want something to chew on, I have gum or ginger Altoids.

  2. I always bulk up my pizzas with lots of vegetables!! But I also love pineapple on my pizza!

  3. ohhhh... that looks delicious! I think I might have to load some cheese on it too, but it looks wonderful!

  4. I haven
    t made my own pizza in a while, but I often buy a cheese pizza and then load it with either veggies or shrimp and pineapple.

  5. Haha... my old roomie Nadette (she's commented on here) made me practice eating slowly so my brain could catch up with my

    I feel your pain. I often eat stuff and then feel really guilty about it chocolate

  6. Mmm, pineapple—I'll have to add that next time! Yes, it was so good Aim, I was surprised! i think the trick was getting the pita bread really crispy—it almost tasted like a real thin crust pizza. It was one of the first times I didn't wish I had the "real" thing. I feel ya Latoya...I succumb to chocolate cravings often.

  7. I can't stand cooked cheese ( I think that I was traumatised at kindergarten as I was forced to eat one lunch that consisted of a boiled egg with cheese sauce...delish eh?)
    Amanda has made a cheeseless pizza for me in the past, and as far as techniques for helping with problem food go.....I dont really have any.....unfortunately!

  8. We make our own pizza sometimes with the pilsbury dough. If we're trying to make it healty, we use a bunch of veggies and then we skip the cheese and just load up some parm on top. Our current favorite is Buffalo chicken pizza. It has grilled chicken, mozzarella, some blue cheese crumbles(go light here), and TON of "franks red hot". It's awesome if you like hot sauce.