Monday, March 1, 2010

Have you ever borrowed money from a friend?

I mean, like more than $10. When I lost my job, a few friends offered to lend me money and reassured, "Seriously, dude, no weirdness." I appreciatively declined. Honestly, I would feel weird about borrowing money from a pal. It's a pride thing, and honestly, the amount of time it would take me to pay them back would be down right embarrassing. I'd rather eat every meal off the dollar menu at McDonald's for months before I even went there. (Wait a minute, that kind of sounds delicious. I can't even remember the last time I made a trip to the Golden Arches!) Great, now I'm daydreaming about Oreo McFlurries and crispy chicken wraps. I digress.

Oh and remember this post from the other week when I had a full-on-FML-meltdown? Apparently it caused quite a bit of concern for my friends (sorry, didn't mean to freak anyone out!), and once again I was offered money and "anything else I needed." Anything? Really? I wouldn't even know where to start! The only person I feel comfortable borrowing money from is my boyfriend. And even then, I have to ask him in an email because I'm too embarrassed to actually say the words. Sigh. One day...Imma make it RAIN! Rick Ross style ;)

What about you: Have you ever borrowed money from a friend? Or vice-versa? Was it awkward?


  1. I'm so sorry things are craptacular right now- But they'll get better. And I'm not just saying that as a stranger from the interwebs. I'm saying that from one girl to another.

    When my parents moved away and I opted to stay in NY and live on my own I had no idea what I had taken on. FOUR jobs, and still short on cash some of my friends decided to "take care of me". They'd ask me to go grocery shopping with them, and by the time I realized that half of the cart was for me it was too late. I had been friended. Or once and a while I'd find $50's and $20's in random places. Like my keys, or the handle of my closet door, or jacket pockets.

    Friends are like family, and money isn't an issue. Wouldn't you want to take care of them? If you have a friend who is notoriously weird about money- know your limits. However if you have a friend who is like your family member I'd say let them be there for you. And when you do pay them back it'll feel good.
    Luck and happiness send your way!

  2. I haaaaaaaaaaaate having to borrow money from my boyfriend. HATE it. it makes me beyond uncomfortable. I'd rather talk to my dad about sex.

    but, going on 7 months in a new city without a job, he graciously pays for pretty much everything (including my cell phone bill when it gets turned off and all my parking tickets when I got the boot, UGH). but I know that once I get a job and my business takes off, I can repay him and maybe even treat him to trips out of the country, like he's done for me.

    I'm super lucky, but I still feel awkward every time he picks up a bill...

  3. Borrowing money from a friend is such a touchky subject! One of my friends borrowed $500 from another friend and of course the lender said "no weirdness, take your time, blah blah blah." Cut two 2 weeks later and the lender was like a loan shark! About a year ago, I had to ask my BF to borrow money...actually, I had to tell him that I didn't have enough to pay my share of the rent. SO mortifying. But in the end, I think it brought us closer. He was super willing to help and told me I didn't have to pay him back. Score! Now we're engaged so I guess it's all water under the bridge. :)

  4. I have never taken money from anyone but my parents and even that was hard!

  5. mylittleapartment, I laughed out loud at "I'd rather talk to my dad about sex".

    Yeah, I have a hard time with borrowing anything - even books, clothes, etc - from friends, family or otherwise. Even now, I will let my fiance pick up the tabs for dinner but little else. We split everything down the middle even though I make 1/2 of what he does...and it's not because he doesn't want to help, it's because I'm stubborn.

  6. Whoa, sorry, guys, totally overlooked your comments! Eatgrass, I can't believe you had FOUR jobs! And oh my lord, you have wonderful friends. I suppose I'd do the same for a friend...if I could.

    I feel ya MLA, I cannot wait for the day when I'm picking up the tab for my bf more often..Ohh I'd love to be able to treat him to a little vacay! And I can't say I agree with you about the sex parents are so naive, I can't even imagine how that conversation would go!