Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Green

I stepped out of my apartment building this afternoon to go to the bank, totally forgetting what day it was, and boom! GREEN! Everywhere. Celebrating St. Patty's Day always seems like a good idea—and I've had a few fun ones over the years—but for the most part, green beer just isn't worth fighting crowds, paying cover charges and witnessing a plethora of eyesores. Staten Island teens slut it up and guido it OUT in green skin-baring outfits; 50-something year-old women strut down the street with beads around their necks (lord knows how they got them) and Euro tourists proudly wear fuzzy leprechaun top hats. It is not cute. It's amazing to see how quickly one of the chicest cities can go downhill.

However, out of the sea of green, I was relieved to find this dapper dude. He could qualify for a Sartorialist St. Patty's Day special, no? I actually have no idea what he looks like from the front, but I'm choosing to believe there's some truth to the cool way he is leaning against the wall with his jacket hanging off his shoulder. Hrm. Maybe he's just drunk and sweaty? Either way...I dig it.

Tell me friends: Are you celebrating St. Patty's Day? Drink a beer for me—I'll be babysitting!


  1. I love St. Patrick's day. The weekend before we have a parade Saturday and Sunday, and here in New Orleans it's basically like a Mardi Gras parade. The last few years we have had a big crawfish boil with our friends and we go to the parade. My birthday was yesterday, as a kid we would celebrate my birthday the day of the Sunday parade which goes by my parents' house. I don't usually do much on the actual day of St. Patrick's day because of all of the festivities the weekend before. My husband is Irish (not actually from Irelend, Irish heritage), so he loves it.

  2. I just posted about St. Patrick's Day too. I'm reprinting my blogpost here and invite comments:

    I'm not Irish, and have never celebrated the holiday much, except when I used to live in New York and got invited to a huge annual party thrown by one of my clients.

    I forgot to wear green today, and have no plans to celebrate tonight (I have a business function to attend).

    Are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day? If so, how?
    Did you wear green?
    Are you going out to dinner or a bar tonight?
    Will you eat corned beef and cabbage?

    Please share your plans. I'm curious.

  3. I am wearing a green tank top...does that count?!

  4. Ellen,
    I agree with you entirely. We have the same over here in the UK, right down to the green top hats. Although, the pubs are free to get in and getting hammered on Murphys can have it's up side I guess.

  5. I got pretty drunk St. Pattys day. I dedicate the hangover that ensued to you.

  6. Ohh Gary, do you ever drink Tiger beer? It's my favorite thing to drink when I'm in London! I think it might be a "girlie" beer though, not sure?

    Thank you for the honor, Christopher. What went down? Too much Guinness?